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Saturday PhotoHunt – Dodgy kitty (and doggy) behavior

Felix and Ed enjoyed rubbing up against Bentley. Bentley was always a bit nervous about having them in his face, so the kitties had to be a little dodgy to get their rubs in. Bentley was a good sport and always let the kitties give him lovin’ and put their scent on him.

Felixrubbing on Bentley
Cats rubbing on Bentley

Felix rubbing on Bentley
Bentley was sometimes a dodgy doggy and got a few good sniffs (and licks) of his kitty friend Eddie Bear.
bentley sniffing Eddie Bear
Today’s PhotoHunt begins here.
We’re also participating in the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop

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Club Raven


I wonder if they serve niptinis?

Club Raven Neon

Club Raven Sign

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Saturday PhotoHunt – Escape

Raven does her best to plan for hamster escapes. She’s waiting for Snowy to escape into the hamster playland.  Poor Raven, it must be frustrating having to live with critters your instincts are telling you to eat.

Raven and Snowy Hamster

Tux investigates the bars of his playland. It doesn’t matter how big the enclosure is, escape is always on his mind. Tux hamster looking for a way to escape his playland

This weeks Saturday PhotoHunt begins here.

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Human shaming – our mom’s wardrobe.

There are cat and dog shaming websites and today we saw a Human Shaming blog hop. We  have no shame here – other than mom’s sloppy wardrobe. You’d think she could wear something other than sweatpants, sweatshirts, and slippers. No wonder she’s ashamed to show her face! Here are variations of a common scene in our house – mom snuggling with  us. The photos are taken over a period of about 10 years, but mom’s wardrobe hardly changes.

Mom, Felix, and Bentley. Bentley was 16 years old in this photo. Mom’s outfit: sweats and slippers.

Me, Felix, Bentley snuggling

Mom, Ed (by mom’s head), and Felix. Mom’s outfit: sweats and slippers.

Mom, Felix, and Ed snuggling

Mom, Ed (who couldn’t get comfortable) and Bentley. Mom’s outfit: sweats, t-shirt and socks….must be summer, she’s not wearing slippers.

Mom, Ed, and Bentley

Mom, Ed, and Smokey. It was very unusual for Smokey to lay next to Ed. She tolerated him but she liked to thwack him on the head! Ed knew Smokey was the boss. Mom’s outfit: jeans and sweatshirt – she must have been too lazy to change from jeans to sweatpants.

Mom, Ed, and Smokey

Even thought dad is allergic to cats, he sometimes let us snuggle on him. Felix enjoyed laying on Dad’s legs. Mom must have been too lazy to make her side of the bed.

Dad and the kitties.

We had fun sharing our snuggle photos and shaming – or should we say trying to embarrass our mom a little for her sloppy at-home wardrobe.  This post was inspired by the Human Shaming blog hop co-hosted by MyBrownNewfies and Kol’s Notes.

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My early memories of pets and the lessons I learned

The earliest memories I have of animals are from when I was about 4 years old. I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane and try to remember things from my early years, say between 4 and 7 years old.

The First Dog – Tally

When I was little, our family had a Siberian Husky named Tally. I don’t remember much about Tally except that she had puppies and we kept two of them. I remember all the kids in the family trying to come up with names for the puppies. I wanted one to be named Teeko and she ended up being named Tiki . The other puppy was named Sherry. My only other memory of Tally isn’t a good one. I opened a door to where Tally, Tiki, and Sherry stayed, and Tally bit or jumped on me and I ended up with a split lip needing stitches. I’m not sure who, if anyone, was to blame, but shortly thereafter my mom decided to put Tally to sleep. As an adult I heard mention that Tally became over-protective of her puppies and my mom didn’t trust her anymore.

Tally taught me: Responsibility

As an adult looking back, that experience shaped my intolerance of owners who make excuses for an unruly or aggressive pet. An owner has the responsibility of making sure their pet is not a threat to people or other animals and they need to find a way to manage situations so no one is harmed.

The good news from this memory is that Tiki and Sherry stayed with the family for the rest of their lives and they both lived to be about 14 years old.

A Found Puppy

When I was about 4 years old, I remember finding a little brown puppy in our back yard. My mom said we had to call “the pound” to come get the puppy. I knew that wasn’t a good thing and I cried a little. What child wants to give up a cute puppy?

The puppy taught me: People’s true nature

I think everyone is born with an innate ability or attraction to something. For me, it’s animals. I’m amazed by the beauty of a bird’s flight, the grace of a praying mantis, the social loyalty of elephants, and the sacred sound of a purring cat.

Tiki and Sherry

I have only a couple memories of Tiki and Sherry together. The Wisconsin summers were hot and humid, and Tiki and Sherry would both curl around the cool toilet bowl. Their rear-ends were behind the toilet and each had a head towards one side. Being of the age where company in the bathroom was fun, I remember playing with their soft ears while using the bathroom. I remember pulling long strips of toilet paper from the roll and tickling their ears with it. In winter, Tiki and Sherry would play in the snow with us and my brother tried to have them pull me on a sled. I remember my brother did most of the pulling.

Sherry – A Girl’s Best Friend

Sherry our Siberian Husky

Sherry and Me. I was 10 years old

When my Dad’s job was transferred to California, Tiki stayed behind with my older siblings and Sherry moved to California with us. I was almost 8 years old and Sherry was the source of love and friendship to a youngster who moved half-way across the country with less than half of her family. Sherry was my best friend, always eager to have me come home from school, wanting to be petted, play fetch, or try to learn fun things like shaking paws.

Sherry taught me: Animals make great friends and companions.

Sherry was the dog who taught me about having to care for a pet on a daily basis and making sure they were happy and loved. She showed me the unconditional love and friendship that only a pet can give.

These are the only photos I have of Sherry. She was red & white and had beautiful blue eyes. She kept those soft, ticklish ears her entire life!

Sherry our Siberian Husky 

What’s Missing? … Cats!

Henrietta Pussycat from Mr. Roger's NeighborhoodAfter taking this trip down memory lane I realized none of my early memories include cats. No one in our family had a cat and I don’t remember seeing one in the neighborhood. Before moving to California, the only cat I remember is the puppet from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. I had to look up her name – Henrietta Pussycat. For some reason she really annoyed me. She was always saying “meow, meow”.

What Henrietta Pussycat taught me: Things Change!

I grew up, and I still cherish all animals. But I adore cats.
I believe cats are the embodiment of perfection.

What are some of your earliest memories of pets? Share a memory in the comments.

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Celebrate Less Adoptable Pet Week Sept 17- 23

Last year for PetFinder’s “Adopt a less adoptable pet” campaign,  I shared how Sammi and Raven were not “less adoptable” to us.


Being a 10-ish-year old cat with only 3 legs, most people wouldn’t consider adopting Sammi. But that was our good fortune, and I think hers, too. We adopted her knowing she was older and she’d need some help making the house safe for her. And we adopted her knowing she may be more than 10 years old and we may not have her for a long time. Unfortunately, that part was true, and we had to say goodbye to Sammi last November after having her for only 3 years. But I believe they were some of the best years of her life, and they were certainly fun-filled years for us. Our beautiful, three-legged kitty was one of the most people-oriented cats we’ve ever had. She was spunky, fun, and silly.


As a black cat, the odds were against Raven being adopted. I don’t understand the black cat superstition, but again, it was good luck for us. I thank Raven every day for choosing us to be her new family. She brings a joy and energy to our home that is unique.

I hope sharing our experience of adopting “less adoptable” pets shows people that taking the time to look past something most people think is a negative may help you find the perfect companion. Take a look at the one-eyed, senior, one-legged, deaf, black, “different” animals at the local shelters and rescue groups. We did, and we were rewarded with two wonderful cats.

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