Lovely cat tiles

A few weeks ago, Eastside Cats shared a photo and information about a cat tile they recently received.

I thought the tile looked interesting, so I surfed over to  Sligo Creek Tile Company. They have a selection of cat themed tiles, along with flowers, nature, and other themes. They also have a nice selection of glazes so you can order a tile to your liking.

My husband and I prefer having decorative items that we won’t see at our friends & neighbors, and try to support independent businesses. We chose two cat tiles with two different glazes.

L: Pretty Girl 1 (Peacock glaze).  R: Pretty Girl 2  (Hyacinth glaze)


These two tiles cost $52 ($22 + $22 + $8 shipping). We received the tiles within a week and the customer service was fantastic.

Disclaimer for those who are interested. 

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Caturday Art

We don’t usually participate in Athena’s Caturday Art Bloghop because Mom has remarkably little talent in this area. And when you’re a solid black kitty, the photo effects don’t have many highlights or patterns to work with and they tend to blend you into the background.

She used LunaPic to create the first art. She tried several items in the “Art” menu like Beauty, Smoke, Sadness, Shadow, Night, and Dark, but doesn’t remember exactly how she arrived at this:


The second art is from FotoFlexer using the Neon effect. She’s used this effect before and likes how it highlights my black furs.


Here’s the original.


I hope everyone has a fantastic Caturday. We’re having spring-time weather so I’ll get lots of open window time and a few sun puddles.

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Thankful Thursday – from Mom

This morning, Raven came into our bed and wanted to cuddle. That’s not something she does very often, and I was thankful that she’s feeling better, being more trusting of us, and acting like her usual happy self.

It’s been exactly 2 weeks since she was released from the vet following radioiodine treatment for hyperthyroidism. She was a bit traumatized, wasn’t feeling well, and was leery of us for having put her through that ordeal and a few days of syringe feeding & medications. We’re thankful that she’s finally settled back in.

We take her to our regular vet in a couple weeks to check her thyroid hormone levels.

This is definitely a day for us to be Thankful and join Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

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"Vicky" the canine mascot of the USS Iowa

While I was in vet jail, Mom & Dad took a tour of the USS Iowa battleship. You can read about the battleship on Wikipedia. Mom was surprised that the Iowa had a canine mascot named Victory.

This page has more information about Vicky and shows his official enlistment and health records.

Vicki even went AWOL a few times!

And here are a few photos of the ship.

The big 16 inch diameter guns. Servicemen were closed in this small armor protected room to navigate & control the ship during an attack. I’m standing in the doorway and this is pretty much the entire space. The small white spot beneath the light in the center of the photo is a small slit in the wall that they looked through. There were just a few slits around the room.

Look how thick the door to this room is.

We watch a lot of military history on t.v. and see these big battleships, so being on one was a very interesting experience. It’s huge, but there are a lot of small spaces and corridors within the ship that could get very confusing. The stairs you climb to go from one deck to another are very steep and narrow and I had to duck a lot so I wouldn’t hit my head (I’m only 5-1/2 feet tall). You don’t want to be tall or claustrophobic if you’re in the Navy!

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