The birds are glad I’m an indoor kitty.

I could have been terrorized by the hawk in my last post.

The tables are turned today. If I were an outdoor kitty, I could bother these little birdies who visit my backyard bird feeders. I bet they’re glad I’m an indoor kitty and just watch them from the comfort of my palace.

Finches at bird feeder

They’re also happy that we hang the feeders where the neighborhood outdoor cats can’t get them.

I think this birdie is chirping “thanks”.


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I’m glad to be an indoor kitty

I wouldn’t want this dude thinking I’m breakfast! Red-tailed hawk

Mom saw this Red-tailed hawk perched at the end of our street this morning. We live very close to a river so we know there are predators like hawks and coyotes nearby, but we rarely see them in the neighborhood. Mostly we get stinky skunks and pesky raccoons. Hopefully this beautiful bird is helping control the mice & rats that wander around here.

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Raven “breathing noisily”

In other words…. snoring!

Turn up your volume and you’ll hear Raven when I put the camera close to her.

Sorry, the video leaves a lot to be desired, but I just wanted to capture the sound of Raven snoring.

Her Dad and I think her snoring is adorable. She usually sleeps curled up and ends up snoring. Here she has her head tucked in on the right side of the box. Sometime we make a little noise or give her a gentle petting to rouse her a bit so she can breathe more easily when sleeping.

Do any of you kitties snore?
As for the humans, dad snores but mom is quiet as a mouse.

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Summer Doldrums

I’m here, just waiting to get through our latest heat wave. It’s been 95-105 degrees (35-40 degrees C) but we should “cool off” and stay under 100 next week.

I had a Towhee visit my yard today. He caught a moth for breakfast.

Towhee eating a moth

Cloud hamster enjoyed a piece of watermelon.

Cloud hamster eating watermelon

I hope you all are well, either enjoying the summer, or the winter for those of you on the bottom half of the earth!

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