Raven’s 15th Birthday

October 16 is the day we celebrate my birthday. I turned 15 this year and Mom says that’s a big birthday for a kitty.

Mom & Dad had a little cake with a candle for me.  I didn’t get to eat any cake, but I did get lots of snuggles.

Raven 15th birthday

I got a yummy mouse, home-made by Mom & Dad. It had my favorite canned food body, with buttery beady eyes, potato chip ears, and carrot tail & nose.

Birthday mouse

Mmm, it’s good.

It’s really, really good!

Mom even took a video of me eating my birthday mouse.

Then I got to open my present. I got an electric blanket to help keep me toasty warm this winter. Mom says I have to share it with her, which is only fair since she’s the one who knows how to work the controls.

Since it was new and I was a bit tired from all my mouse-eating excitement, I didn’t want to get on the blanket.  I’ll save that for later.

Thanks for coming to see my birthday celebration.

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Coins with cat images

Mom and Dad went to a coin show last weekend and found some cat-themed coins.

The first is a coin from Canada that has a snarling cougar.

Canada $5 Cougar

The next two are from the Isle of Man:
A Norwegian Forest Cat

Isle of Man Norwegian Forest Cat coin

And an Alley Cat

Isle of Man Alley Cat coin

These coins are all larger (1.5 inches or 4 cm; the size of a U.S. silver dollar). Mom wishes more U.S. coins had animals instead of dead presidents. Even when there’s an animal on one of the newer quarters, it’s very small. Maybe there should be a new rule that all money must have something furry on it!

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Raven in the light

Raven enjoys sitting in a morning sunbeam. I knew it would be a difficult photo to capture – a dark room with a black cat lit by bright sunlight – but I wanted to try.

Raven sitting in sunlight

Cropped to focus on her.

Raven in sunlight

I think it looks artistic in grayscale.
Raven grayscale

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The birds are glad I’m an indoor kitty.

I could have been terrorized by the hawk in my last post.

The tables are turned today. If I were an outdoor kitty, I could bother these little birdies who visit my backyard bird feeders. I bet they’re glad I’m an indoor kitty and just watch them from the comfort of my palace.

Finches at bird feeder

They’re also happy that we hang the feeders where the neighborhood outdoor cats can’t get them.

I think this birdie is chirping “thanks”.


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