Today is brought to you by the letter “G”

Today is the 11th anniversary of my Gotcha Day.

Raven on the couch

I hope you didn’t think we added another critter to the family!

Mom and Dad agreed they were Graced when I chose Mom and joined their family. You can read my Gotcha story here.

It’s been a Great year. I’m in Good health and as a 15-year old lady cat I’m ageing Gracefully. My furs have stayed Gorgeous (I’m not boasting, it’s just better than having big naked patches of skin). I’m Grateful to have a wonderful home, with a Mom & Dad who are Glad to able to indulge me with everything I need and then some.

Mom says they have a big Gift for me, but I won’t get it until Christmas. We also made a donation to the SPCA where I was cared for before I was adopted. It’s the same place that Sprinkles and Thunder came from.

Speaking of Thunder, his Giant cage arrived. He’s in the cage on the left.Three large hamster cages

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Today is brought to you by the letter “T”

This may not come as a surprise since we are all animals lovers and take in the homeless whenever we can.

This is my new hamster brother Thunder. You read that correctly, a Third hamster joined the family!

Thunder is Sprinkle’s brother – her actual brother from the same mother. We thought it would be fun to have her brother join the family, and I really wanted to name a hamster Thunder!

Thunder hamster

Thunder looks very much like his sister Sprinkles. Both have Tufts of long hair on their Tushies. When Thunder is a little older his Testicles will be prominent and their furs might change a bit.

Cloud could smell his new brother and insisted on Treking over to Thunder’s cage. The fence and brick didn’t do much to prevent him from making a bee-line to his new brother.

Thunder and Cloud Tapped noses through the cage bars. They were both calm and greeted each other without any Teeth or Tension.
Thunder and Cloud

Thunder is living in a Temporary cage until his big cage arrives. The cages will have about 1 foot of space between them, they’re just squished together for the photo.

Three hamster cages

There’s no more room on the hearth for another cage, so Three hamsters is the limit for our Indulged Furry Family.

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Today is brought to you by the letter “S”

Unlike the letter “V”, which I didn’t like very much, “S” is much more fun!

This is my new hamster Sister Sprinkles.

Sprinkles Hamster

We adopted her from the local SPCA.
She is little over 1 month old, and she’s Settling in to her new home very well.
She’s Super friendly and Scurries around her cage Searching for treats and fun activities. She enjoys coming out of her cage and doesn’t mind being handled.

Her “brother” Cloud has become much more active in the neighboring cage. He can Smell her and wonders where the little girl hamster is! When Sprinkles get a little older, they will be allowed to See and Sniff each other through the cage bars, but they’ll never be able to Snuggle. We don’t want to be raising baby hamsters… even though I suspect they would make very cute, long-haired, friendly babies!

We went to the SPCA looking to adopt her mom, a big black long-haired hamster. We were going to name her “Thunder”…. so we’d have Cloud and Thunder. But Sprinkles was eager to climb into my hands and get a new home, so we adopted her instead.  We thought about going back for the mom, but a few days later she was already adopted.  So, now we have Cloud and Sprinkles.

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Today is brought to you by the letter “V”

Raven in window

This morning, I was Vegging in my front window perch, enjoying the View.

I was placed into my carrier and taken to the Vet.

He stuck a needle in my Vein.

After returning home, I was terrorized by the Vacuum cleaner.

I’m not sure I like the letter “V

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