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Update on Molly’s kidney health

Molly saw the Internal Medicine veterinarian last week and had an ultrasound & another round of lab work. The good news is that they didn’t see any physical problems with her kidneys. The bad news is she still has a significant urinary tract infection, has lost quite a bit of weight, and her kidney values have worsened.

The vet is hoping the infection has been lingering in her kidneys and if we can knock it out, Molly’s kidney health might stabilize. Our hope is to stop any further kidney damage, but Molly might just have bad kidneys and that’s what’s allowing the infections to take hold. We started her on 3+ weeks of strong antibiotics and a prescription kidney diet. We’ll check her lab work next week, and again in another month to see if we’re making any progress.

I know that all sounds very depressing, and it is. But we’re trying to stay hopeful that the antibiotics work and Molly’s health improves.

Molly doesn’t have quite as much energy as before, but she still gets lots of time in the back yard hunting for bugs, investigating, and relaxing. Basically, we arrange our schedule around her needs so that every day is the best it can be for her.

Here she is in a new perch we got her as a “reward” for having to go to the vet.

Molly helped us plant some new spring flowers.

And she had a nice lounge in her bird bath.

Wolfie and Pearl are doing well. Here’s a photo of the three of them resting in the perches.

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Enjoying each day, Celebrating 2nd Birthdays, and Trying to stay positive

It’s been a long time since I updated the blog or visited most of you, and for that we apologize… again. Seems like I did that in a recent post, but things here have not the best.

We’ve been enjoying lots of time in the back yard. Molly absolutely loves her backyard adventures, and we try to take her out for at least an hour every morning and then for another 30-45 minutes around dinner time before the mosquitos come out or it gets dark.

Molly decided the bird bath makes an excellent lounge. We decided to keep it dry so she doesn’t drink the dirty bird water and she can lounge in the dish.

Wolfie and Pearl also enjoy some outside time, but not nearly as much as Molly.

Molly absolutely adores her big brother, Wolfie. They are great playmates, and he tolerates her being a bothersome little sister.

Wolfie is king of the garden!

Pearl enjoys time outside, especially if the other kitties are nearby to help keep her calm.

Molly & Pearl’s 2nd Birthday

We celebrated Molly & Pearl’s 2nd birthday this past weekend. Molly’s birthday was April 30 and Pearl’s is on May 11. We had lots of cupcakes that the kitties weren’t allowed to get close to because we shared most of them with the neighbors. We had a few festive decorations, and their grandma came over for dinner & dessert.

They had a yummy dinner and got some new toys.

Trying to stay positive after some concerning news.

Unfortunately, we’ve also had very worrisome news about Molly, and that’s my excuse for not feeling up to visiting or blogging. She’s already had two urinary tract infections that were a bit difficult to treat, and her lab tests show that her kidneys may be compromised. This is very unusual for a 2-year-old kitty, so we have an appointment with a specialist later this month. She will probably get an ultrasound and we’re hoping for some encouraging news about the situation.

To end on a good note, here are a few more pictures of Molly enjoying being doted on by her Dad.

We are committed to making every day the best we can for her, even if that means breaking some “rules” and letting her sit on the dining room table!

I promise to try to visit your blogs and hope you are all well. And I appreciate that you come to visit even though we have not been around to visit you lately.

Cat antics

Indoor fun

It’s raining today and we can’t take the cats out in the yard, so we need to find ways to keep three young cats entertained. It’s also chilly, so the heater is running.

Time for a something creative. I put a flannel sheet over the heater vent and it makes a very warm bubble for the kitties to play under.

Flannel sheet over a heater vent.

This first video shows Wolfie and Molly playing under the sheet. She rolls into him at the end of the video.

Molly having fun on top of the sheet.

In this video, Molly plays on top of the bubble. Wolfie, where are you? She does her wiggle-bottom pounce around 30 seconds.

Wolfie wasn’t under the sheet anymore, but he wouldn’t have minded his little sister pouncing on him.

Random musings

All is well, but we saw sad news about an animal pal.

I haven’t blogged in quite a while, but all is well here. We’re keeping busy “shopping” for a new roof, since ours is allowing it to rain in our kitchen! Hopefully the record-setting windy & rainy winter weather ends soon and we can get the roof replaced.

If you haven’t already seen it, one of our long-time blogging friends recently had a loss. Rumblepurr has passed away after a battle with cancer. I don’t know how many years we’ve know them, but it’s been at least 10 years. That’s how long ago they sent us this cute chirping kiwi bird. Raven helped open the package, and it’s been on my desk ever since, so we think of them often.

We just wanted to share that information with those of you who may not have seen it.

And we’ll try to get back to blogging. We have a lot of catching up to do with all of your blogs.