When food is more than just a meal.

Today I’m sharing something Mom thinks makes me different from other kitties.

I like it when Mom hand-feeds me my canned food!

I’m a licker, not a biter. This means it takes a long time to eat my food, and I make a mess flicking food off my plate. And all that licking makes my tongue tired.

Oftentimes, my Mom will help me eat my food. She’s very good at getting just the right amount of food in her fingers and holding it so I can use a combination of licking and nibbling to eat it. I’m lucky to have chosen someone who thinks it’s a privilege to serve me. They say a family that eats together is happier, and Mom and I enjoy our bonding time over my meals.

Do you have family meal time or do anything unique with your food?

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10-year Gotcha Day Anniversary

We’re celebrating my 10-year Gotcha Day, which was on December 5. We also call it Choosing Day because it’s the day I chose my Mom, and she and Dad agreed I was a great choice to join their family.

Besides it being my 10-year anniversary, Mom & Dad know I’ve had a difficult year with all my health issues. They decided I deserved something new and fun to enrich my life, so they got me the tall perch on the right.

They put it next to one of my lower perches so this 14-year old lady cat can get up and down easily.
Raven's new tall perch

Now I can rest in a tall perch behind the couch as Mom & Dad watch t.v. Raven's new perch 2

I can also look across the room to my big front window and watch outside.  I might have to have them move that table lamp!

View from my perch1

I’m fortunate to have chosen such a wonderful home.

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Postage Stamps with Cats (and an aardvark!)

I went to a stamp show a couple weeks ago and purchased some postage stamps with cats on them. You can click all the images to see a larger version.

These are from Burkina Faso (in western Africa).

Kittens and puppies
Burkina Faso cat stamps 1
Kittens playing with mouse, frog, butterfly, toys
Burkina Faso cat stamps 2
Various cat breeds with a colorful borderBurkina Faso cat stamps 3

I also found these animal stamps from Ghana. It’s not very often that you seen an aardvark on a postage stamp!

Ghana animal stamps
I hope you enjoyed seeing some cat postage stamps.

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New Show on Bird T.V.

I saw a new bird in the yard today.  It’s called a Spotted Towhee.

He was searching in the bark for food.SpottedTowhee1.jpg
With his rust colored sides and spotted wings, he’s one of the more colorful birds we’ve seen in our yard.
If you want to see a really good photo from a bird site, there’s one here.

I hope he comes back.

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