Random musings

Be Back Shortly

Sorry for our absence from our blog and from visiting yours. Mom’s computer has been in service since January 2001 so she’s busy setting up a new computer before the old one decides to fail. In additional all the “productivity” applications and music, there are approximately 3 bazillion cat photos & videos to transfer over! A few more days and she’ll feel more confident that everything is running smoothly and being backed up properly.

Cat antics

Silly Tilly

Tilly knows our lunch routine and never misses the opportunity to get in on the action. She knows she’s not allowed on the kitchen counter when we’re preparing food, and we’ve settled on a compromise that half-on-half-off the counter is good enough kitten self-control. 

She’s not expecting a food treat like ham or turkey. She’s waiting for the stiff rib from a leaf of Romaine lettuce!

After cutting the rib from the lettuce, we give it to her and she proudly runs around the house with her favorite lunch-time conquest.

Cat antics

Our goofy kitten

Wolfie spent several minutes wriggling around on the kitchen counter. There wasn’t anything on the counter that smelled interesting. I think he just figured out the counter was a smooth, fun place to wriggle. Even Tilly thinks he’s a goofy kitten!

I’m adding another video taken before I tidied up the counter for the video above. I see a jar of cinnamon near the sink. Maybe Wolfie’s Dad was using cinnamon and there was a little on the counter. I’ll have to test to see if the smell of cinnamon is like catnip to Wolfie.

Cat antics

Wolfie and Tilly are six months old!

Wolfie and Tilly are 6 month old rambunctious kittens who have very different personalities.

Tilly is feisty and has a strong prey drive. She doesn’t want to be held for very long but she does enjoy lots of petting while she’s on her perch or walking around our legs. She is cautious around people but has made friends with her Grandma.

Wolfie is an easy-going cuddle bug. He’s much more outgoing and accepting of people. He’s also a bit goofy.

We’re currently having our house painted and these photos show their different personalities. Tilly watches the painter closely and stalks his movements while Wolfie enjoys a sunbath! I guess Wolfie is leaving it to her to make sure we’re all safe.

Tilly watching the house painter
Wolfie enjoying a sunbath