Feline Friday – Feeling Fine

Thank you all for your purrs and well-wishes yesterday. After 10 hours and multiple attempts, I finally yacked up a clump of hair that was irritating my tummy. A good night’s sleep helped me feel much more like my usual self.

Mom snapped a couple photos this morning. I’m resting on my crinkle paper with my sparkle balls. I’m sure if Dad comes by, at least one of those balls will find its way atop my head.


Here’s a photo showing the gray steak of furs beneath my ear. Raven
I hope you’re all having a fantastic Friday. We’re joining the Feline Friday blog hop hosted by Comedy Plus

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Thankful Thursday – Making the Best of a Bad Day

I’m having a not-so-good day health wise. Actually, it’s a bad day. Mom has “thrown the kitchen sink” at me, meaning she’s given me my anti-nausea and pain medications. Unfortunately, they’re not helping.

Even though it’s a scorching hot day and we closed up the windows early in the morning to try to stay cool, Mom said I could have some open window time. She opened the sliding door and pulled the curtain behind me to try to keep the heat from coming in.  Hopefully you can see my floofy tail beneath the curtain.

I enjoyed the fresh air and listening to the birds chip.

Raven behind window curtain

I’m thankful my Mom & Dad try to make every day a good day, even it it’s something simple.

We’re joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday blog hop. There’s always something to be thankful for.

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Sprinkles the Adventure Hamster

Sprinkles has escaped from her play areas several times. Each time, Mom tries to find a better way to contain our little adventure hamster. Mom put a cover on Sprinkle’s play area, but Sprinkles has learned to nudge the cover over so she can escape! The battle of the wits continues. Mom will modify the play area to try to prevent escape, then Sprinkes will attempt another jailbreak. Who do you think will win?

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Caturday Art – Raven x5

We were inspired by the artwork Caspurr from Purr-sonally Speaking created a few weeks ago. The Lunapic Sadness filter worked well on the photo of Raven’s gray ladycat ear tufts.

Raven art - sadness

But we’re not sad, so we wanted to create an artwork that was more fun. We used the Lunapic collage filter to create our next piece.  The four filters are:
Fairy  – Delaunay
Floating – Candy

Art collage of Raven

I’m not sure which is my favorite – they’re all interesting and beautiful in their own way.

We’re joining Athena’s Caturday Art bloghop.  Hop along and see all the wonderful creations. And I hope you all have a wonderful Caturday.

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