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Could a grain-free diet fix my problems?

Ever since we adopted Sammi 8 months ago she has had intermittent loose stool and diarrhea. And there was no mistaking her stools from Raven’s because 1) they were runny and 2) they smelled worse than any cat poop I’ve … Continue reading

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Thriving on Three Legs

I’m finally getting some much overdue attention. Being a kitty with only 3 legs isn’t all fun and games, but in the Indulged Furry House, it’s a pretty darn good life. You can read what’s easy for me, what’s difficult, … Continue reading

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Counterfeit Advantage and Frontline

I hadn’t heard anything about this in the news until I ran across a blog article about it today. Owners should be on the look-out for counterfeit Advantage and Frontline flea & tick control products. Usually the counterfeit products are … Continue reading

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Raven earned her Naughty Kitty badge.

Raven is an early-morning kitty, often trying to wake us around 6am for playtime. Her arsenal of kitty wake-up tricks include: standing up on her hind legs with her front paws on the bed near her dad’s head, which despite … Continue reading

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Pet supplies and great customer service

If you’re looking for a place to order pet supplies I’ve been very happy using KV Vet. I’ve purchased cat and dog supplies (grooming, beds, bowls, poop pick-up bags), Bentley’s prescription medications, and medical & first-aid supplies like bandage scissors. … Continue reading

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Bentley’s Eternal Adventure

After 17 years of life and 8 years as an Indulged Furry, Bentley left for the Spirit World. For the past few months we’ve known his time with us was limited, so we tried to make the best of every … Continue reading

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Bentley’s 17th Birthday

We never expected him to reach 17 years old, but Bentley has astounded all of us with his continuing good health and liveliness. Of course we continued the tradition started last year and made him a doggy-edible birthday cake. We … Continue reading

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