Bentley's Eternal Adventure

After 17 years of life and 8 years as an Indulged Furry, Bentley left for the Spirit World. For the past few months we’ve known his time with us was limited, so we tried to make the best of every day. Just a few days ago we celebrated his 17th birthday with a doggy-edible birthday cake, toys from his DoggySpace friend Boomer, and toys from his family. He enjoyed them all thoroughly, albeit with less energy than before.

On the morning of August 12 we had a vet come to our home and help our wonderful boy begin his journey. We had been up with him most of the night, helping him walk or carrying him to his bed, and there was no doubt that it was time for us to help him one final time. Bentley was safe in our arms as his life here came to an end.

By the end of this very long day I was hoping for a sign that my boy was where he was supposed to be. At about 11:30pm the night he died, I went outside to look for meteors from the Persied meteor shower. It was cloudy and not the best time to see meteors, but about 30 seconds after I went outside a large meteor streaked directly overhead, beneath the clouds, vivid yellowish-white. I can only think it was Bentley’s way of letting me know he’s still here – right over his backyard – going through the Spirit World with the exhuberance he had in his younger years.

Sadly, his DoggySpace friend Boomer passed away just the day before. I had hoped to see two meteors streaking across the sky – Boomer and Bentley playing together – but maybe that kind of sign is only meant for each “mom”, and Boomer’s mom has a sign of her own that her sweet boy is happy and safe.

Turn joyous circles, take a dip in a lake, and do all the thing you did in your younger years my big Goofy Golden. You will always be loved, and missed.

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Lover of Cats, Golden Retrievers, Vetmed, Bio/Eco-Conservation, Science.
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