Good Kitty Karma

We just returned our neighbor’s cat, Tippy, who evidently had escaped from home and found her way to our back door. Tippy knows me because I’m her cat-sitter when the neighbors are away. She can occasionally see me from one of their windows, so she must have figured out this is where I live and it was a safe place to come.

Tippy was meowing and desperately trying to get in, which did not settle well with Raven, who goes on high alert at the sight of intruders. A kitty trying to get into the house is definitely something new and Raven was not sure what to make of the situation. She wasn’t sure if she should investigate or try to be intimidating to scare Tippy off. We didn’t risk letting them encounter each other and dad corralled Raven in another room while I gathered up Tippy.

I have no idea how long Tippy was an escapee, but she was clearly done being outside and wanted safe harbor. She’s now safely at home with her dad, and tomorrow I’ll get the scoop from her mom as to how long she may have been out. I’m guessing she sneaked out of the house as mom got the car out of the garage. It will give me an excuse to go over and have another snuggle with the affectionate little fuzzball. As you can see, she’s a gorgeous girl who we suspect is a Ragdoll.

That ceretainly added a little excitement to our evening. But everyone is safe and secure at home. And Raven has stopped patrolling the house looking for the mysterious kitty visitor.

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Lover of Cats, Golden Retrievers, Vetmed, Bio/Eco-Conservation, Science.
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