Sammi's health update

Sammi enjoyed eating her Pill Pockets and never discovered the horrible tasting antibiotic hidden inside. I’ll definitely use them again if needed.
Unfortunately, the antibiotics did not cure her diarrhea so the vet switched her to a medication used to treat inflammatory bowel disease. After 5 days on this medication I called the vet to give him an update and told him he’d found the kitty poop wonder drug! For the first time in almost a year, Sammi had normal stool.

The drug is budesonide, and it’s compounded into a fish-flavored liquid by RoadRunner Veterinary Pharmacy in Arizona. I have to give them a thumbs-up mention because they processed the prescription very quickly and surprised us by including a cat toy in the package. It’s not often that a company goes the extra step to give excellent customer service, and they certainly did that. It’s just a simple little cat toy, but it made me smile and Sammi has a little fun. I’m sure this simple gift is very much appreciated by owners who have a seriously ill pet.

Sammi doesn’t mind taking her new medicine. The vet suggested I put the liquid on the plate and Sammi would lick it up, but that was overly optimistic. It may be fish flavored, but she’s apparently not that gullible. She prefers her medicine in a tablespoon of grain-free canned cat food. Any way she’ll take it, I’m happy to oblige. Hopefully it will keep her intestines healthy for a long time.

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