Sammi's health update

The new medicine (budesonide) appears to be working to control Sammi’s diarrhea, even on a reduced dose. We’ve decreased from daily to every other day and she’s still producing solid stool. Sammi also has a lot more spunk and energy.

Her eyes are also less gunky. She had quite a bit of sticky black gunk in her eyes every day, and now it’s what I would consider normal.

Her gunky claw problem is also clearing up. When we adopted her she had extremely dirty claws with a waxy brown buildup on all of them that was irritating and inflaming the sheath of skin that covers the base of each claw. The vet’s official diagnosis was “toe jam”, and he advised keeping her claws clean with an anitseptic to help prevent any fungal infections. I had been cleaning her claws every few days with chlorhexidine solution, and that helped soothe her irritated skin. The vet thought her gunky claws may resolve as her intestinal issue cleared up, and that seems to be what’s happening. The waxy buildup seems to have stopped forming and there’s just a little residual gunk that I’ve been cleaning off.

We are keeping on a grain-free diet because I suspect that contributes to her intestinal problems.

So, our little kitty who was a bit of a mess (newly amputated paw, gunky eyes, inflammed toes, chronic diarrhea, bad teeth) is well on the road to being healthy. Pretty soon we’ll be able to take care of her one remaining issue – a broken tooth we found during her last trip to the vet. He wants her intestinal condition stable before we do anesthesia and cause her system any stress that may cause a setback.

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