What's for dinner?

Mr.Goby joined the coral tank recently. A curious and brave little fish, he comes to the front of the tank whenever something catches his eye. He also comes to the top of the tank for food, because being a fish, he never refuses a meal. His carefree bouncing around the tank provides good entertainment for Raven.

We think Mr. Goby should have had a little more cautious attitude, or at least have been a little less adventurous, because Mr. Goby is no more.

A funny thing happened the other day. Raven ran over towards the coral tank as if to play with something. Being a playful girl I didn’t give it much thought other than to wonder why she was running over there since I didn’t see any toys. Oh well, maybe an imaginary toy or a bit of youthful kitty antics. Nothing too unusual.

But the next night we realize Mr. Goby doesn’t come out at feeding time. The following day, still no Mr. Goby. Now we’re starting to put two and two together and suspect Mr. Goby’s disappearance and Raven’s playing by the tank were not a coincidence. The circumstantial evidence points towards Raven having helped herself to a fresh fish snack.

  • Goby are known jumpers. He may have jumped out of the tank.
  • Mr. Goby’s body is nowhere to be found.
  • Raven ran towards the fish tank, possibly around the time Mr. Goby went missing.

It’s a good thing we don’t convict based on circumstantial evidence or Raven would be, well, she would be as Indulged as she is now. If the fish jumps out of the tank, it gets whatever is coming, and that may include a cat who has a strong prey drive and a craving for fish.

Raven’s take: “I’m not admitting anything, but Mr. Goby may have been the best bit of lick-smackin’ good fish I’ve had in a long time. Next time please leave some rice and avocado so I can have a sushi roll.”

About Indulgedfurries

Lover of Cats, Golden Retrievers, Vetmed, Bio/Eco-Conservation, Science.
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