No more cats, please?!

First mom wants a third cat, then she doesn’t. Then she thinks a third cat will be a great addition, then she fears I, Raven, will be an evil step-sister and a third cat would be a bad thing.

I admit I made it very clear that I disliked the other cat they tried to adopt. What they didn’t know is that I picked up on its bad-kitty vibes and knew it didn’t like dogs. Sure enough, the new cat made a serious attempt to attack my super-mellow Golden Retriever brother Bentley so kitty had to go back to the SPCA so it could find a family without a dog.

But mom & dad visited the shetler twice last week to visit this 4 month old mellow boy kitty. Seriously, would you want to compete for affection with this cutie? She thinks a little boy is the only thing I’ll accept, but she also fears I’ll be mean like I was to the other cat. She changes her mind every 20 minutes, but so far, we’ve averted a kitty adoption. But then she sees a beautiful 4-year old Norwegian Forest cat at another shelter and wants to go see it. Thank the kitty gods someone else got there first and it was adopted today. Whew, another adoption averted. I’m exhausted sending “don’t adopt anyone” kitty ESP to mom!

We know we were lucky to be adopted from the shelter and that there are many kitties who need homes. But we like our home just the way it is. Sammi and I have worked out agreements about who sleeps where, who owns which scratcher, who owns the crinkle paper (Sammi), who owns the front window perch (Sammi), who owns mom’s bed (Sammi), who owns the front bedroom (me), who owns the closet (me), who owns the highest perch (me – because Sammi can’t get up and down safely). We don’t want to figure it all out again if a third kitty comes into our home.

Please help us send “no third kitty” ESP to our mom. That kitty boy hasn’t been adopted yet and the shelter is just 10 minutes away, so there’s still a chance that she’ll change her mind again and go snuggle it.  And you know kitty moms, once they start worrying about a cat or thinking up names for it, chances are pretty good it’s coming home.

We are willing to make room for another hamster, so send “get a rodent” ESP our way!

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