The ESP worked. No new kitty.

All my “no more kitties” ESP worked! And thanks to Pumpkin for sending “get a rodent” vibes our way. I’ll live with another hamster, but not another cat.

Mom and dad spent two hours at the shelter today playing with the little boy I mentioned in my last post. That’s 6 hours they’ve spent with him over the last week. He’s a real cutie, but mom wants a cuddler and he wasn’t convincing her that he fit the bill. Whew! We were whisker-close to having a little bother (that’s not a typo).

Mom decided that the benefits of bringing a third kitty into our home wasn’t worth the risks. Sure, he might fit in and provide extra love and entertainment. But Sammi doesn’t always appreciate me being in the same house, so how is she going to act towards a 4 month old kitty? And I’ve been so territorial and unpleasant towards most other kitties I see that mom & dad can’t be sure that I wouldn’t attack the little beastie. Sure, it might make a good playmate, but it may be just as good as target for my aggressions.

In the end, mom decided their time would be best spent playing with me and Sammi and developing our barely-there sisterly love towards each other.

And just so you think I’m not totally ungrateful for my forever home, I will allow mom to spend time volunteering at the shelter and giving the homeless kitties her attention. I just don’t want any of them coming home with her. The only thing I want coming home is more fish that jump out of the tank. Mmmmm, sushi.

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