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Volunteer Tales

Sunday I completed my third volunteer training session at the animal shelter and I’m now an official volunteer who can come in to clean cages or socialize with the cats. This is the most basic training, and I’ll learn more … Continue reading

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Sammi enjoys the backyard

Sammi relaxing outside Sammi continues to build her confidence and explore new horizons. We’ve taken her outside 3 or 4 times, but she’s never been completely comfortable. On the last trip she was calm but just layed in the grass and … Continue reading

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Oopsie Daisy

How did I get down here? There seems to be a problem. I came running throught the door, jumped onto my black step, and was headed for the countertop to get myself a little snack. But all of a sudden I ended … Continue reading

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Raven's Ticket Gets Punched

Raven’s Naughty Punchcard Raven got her Naughty Kitty ticket punched today. She earned her Naughty Kitty ID card about a year ago when she climbed to the top of a bookcase and knocked a glass thermometer off the shelf. She … Continue reading

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