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Cats Facts – Tongues and Whiskers

Since the 1940s when an engineer at MIT filmed a cat drinking, we knew that cats lap water by entending their tongues straight down toward the bowl with the tip of the tongue curled backwards, so that the top of the … Continue reading

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Black Friday at the Animal Shelter

“Black Friday” means a shopping frenzy to many people. To me, it meant spending time at the animal shelter with my black, white, gray, cream, orange, and calico friends. Here are some of the crowd I socialized with at the shelter … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving Day and time to be extra thankful for all the wonderful things we have. As Indulged Furries, we have full bowls of healthy food, warm beds, toys, veterinary care, and owners who love us. We know we are … Continue reading

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We dodged a bullet

We’re meticulous about not leaving string, teaser toys, rubber bands, or little objects for our cats to get into. Over many years and 7 kittens/cats & a dog we’ve never had a problem with the animals getting into anything…..until now. … Continue reading

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