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My new Peruvian highland wool pet mat

My new, hand-knitted Peruvian Highland Wool pet mat from WraptCats etsy store arrived in the mail today. I thought it would be warm and comfy and complement my lustrous black fur. This is my first time on it and it … Continue reading

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Kitty clock says it’s dinnertime

This looks remarkably similar to the scene 10 hours ago when Raven and Sammi wanted breakfast. They wait patiently in their spots then eat. Other than the clutter on the kitchen counter changing (it never seems to disappear), the same scene … Continue reading

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Kitty clock says it’s lunchtime

Raven is letting us know it’s time for a snack. She sits patiently in the kitchen waiting for her plate of food. Sammi doesn’t want to miss out, so she comes running and sits on the arm of the couch behind … Continue reading

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A Fishy Fiasco

They’re not furry, but the finned family members are also indulged. Well, we try to indulge them. Unfortunately, this duo didn’t fare well. They were named Tweety and Wiggy. Tweety got his name because he reminded me of Tweety bird. … Continue reading

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Raven’s Closeup – My Beautiful Black Cat

My lustrous black kitty. Click to enlarge.

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Sammi’s Golden Close-up

The gold fur on her nose captivates me. Click to enlarge. Then click again. You can almost count the hairs.

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Wet Again?!

Mom said she could smell soap residue on my fur after yesterday’s ear cleaning so I had to have another rinse today. My first thought was maybe she should stop sniffing me. Then I realized she’s taking good care of … Continue reading

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