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Perches for the Shelter Cats

We know we’re so fortunate to have lots of perches to climb or sleep on and we thought it would be nice to indulge our kitty friends who are living at the animal shelter. They have really nice habitat rooms, but they have only beds and some well-used perches that are donated by animal lovers like us. It’s very stressful living in a shelter, and having a perch where the cats can get up off the ground and climb & scratch helps relieve their boredom and stress.

When we saw that perches were on sale at the local Pet Club Food and Supplies store, we thought we could purchase a few perches for the shelter cats. I usually don’t mention stores by name, but this time I have to – you’ll see why below.

I had a budget of about $250 and we were able to buy 3 good-quality, medium-sized perches. As I was checking out, our checker happened to be the manager. He asked what I was purchasing all the cat perches for and I said I volunteer at the local animal shelter and the kitties need some perches. He commented how nice I was to do that and we chatted a bit more. Then he said that he would be willing to donate 2 more perches to the shelter! I was so happy that more kitties would be able to enjoy a perch! I picked out 2 other medium-sized perches and the store staff helped us load everything into my car.

Here’s Indigo enjoying the sun.


Jesse’s brother James liked the “top spot”. Abigail was happy to be on the second level.shelter-perch4.jpg
Romo posed for a photo, then curled up on top of the perch for a nap.shelter-perch1.jpg

Mama took an immediate liking to the cubby hole in her new perch.

As these cats are adopted, other cats will be moved from cages into the habitat room where they will be able to enjoy a perch. Many, many cats will be very happy over the next year or so. That’s about the life-span of a perch in the shelter because it gets so much use by so many cats and the perches have to be cleaned regularly to help prevent the spread of any diseases.

If you are able to donate a perch to your local animal shelter, I’m sure they would be grateful and the cats would love it. It doesn’t have to be a new or fancy perch.  If you have a perch that is gently used, that will be good too.  Or maybe you can donate a pet bed or an old blanket. Contact your local shelter and see what they need or can use, and help the animals in your local shelter stay happy and healthy while they are waiting for their forever home.

And again, a big Thank You to Pet Club Food and Supplies for generously donating to our local animal shelter.

p.s. Jesse and James (brothers) were adopted together. Romo and Abigail were also adopted.

3 thoughts on “Perches for the Shelter Cats”

  1. I heard about your trip to Pet Club. That was so nice for you to do–Pet Club too. I visit them regularly; they have good prices and good service (and obviously are very nice too)! We gotta keep those kitties happy.

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