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Turkey burger dinner treats

I made turkey burgers for our dinner and thought it would be fun to make mini-burgers for Sammi and Raven.┬áRaven stared at her plate and patiently waited for something more familiar. Cooked turkey must not be enticing enough for her. … Continue reading

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A Mourning Dove visited today

A Mourning Dove visited our yard this morning. This friendly little creature sat on the fence while Raven chirped at it from the bedroom window. Sammi didn’t take much interest. The dove sat for about 5 minutes before flying off … Continue reading

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New respect for Scrub Jays

We posted yesterday about the Scrub Jay who comes to our yard to eat bugs from the lawn. Today we saw him fly by carrying a mouse! We nad ho idea they ate mice or were strong enough to fly … Continue reading

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Sammi likes getting her medicine

We give Sammi medicine every day for inflammatory bowel disease. The medicine is compounded by a pharmacy in Arizona and hers is fish flavored (there’s a chicken flavor too). At first we were holding her head and squirting it in … Continue reading

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