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Please help Henry

Henry is a kitty in a shelter in Southern California. He probably needs his paw amputated and needs your help to raise the money to provide for his care. If lots of people donate just a little bit, it will … Continue reading

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Raven the brave kitty

This is something I don’t understand. Raven, who is very sensitive to noises and scares easily, will sit and watch the vacuum cleaner. Neither the bulkiness nor the noise seem to bother her and I can vacuum within about 4 … Continue reading

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Beautiful Kitty Raven

Sammi is the photogenic kitty of the family but mom thinks I’m just as gorgeous and she’s determined to get photos that show how beautiful I am. This one shows my golden eyes and shiny black fur.  I think she … Continue reading

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They call me “Patches”

Look what happened to me! I have a big bald patch on my shoulder! A few days ago mom was giving me a good brushing. I usually shed a fair amount, but this time a lot of fur was coming … Continue reading

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Cat garden – day 7

Our cat grass has grown nicely and is about 3 inches long. Mom is surprised at how quickly it grew because it’s only been a week since she planted the seeds. She picked a few pieces and brought them inside … Continue reading

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Sammi enjoying walking in the back yard

Sammi is enjoying the back yard this summer. Last year she was very hesitant to be in the yard, but this year she’s enjoying the sights and smells of nature. Here’s a short video showing that she gets around just … Continue reading

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Our Cat Garden – day 4

They’re teeny-tiny, but the seeds are germinating and we have cat grass sprouts! The catnip hasn’t sprouted yet.

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