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Photos of Sammi & Raven

Mom thinks this photo is really interesting. It looks like I’m glowing. She thought I looked goofy with my tongue out sideways. It takes a few seconds to figure out where all Raven’s parts are!

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Kitty report card from the pet sitter

Mom & Dad went away for a few days and hired a professional pet sitter to take care of us. Our pet sitter, Paula, is very friendly. She comes over twice a day to take care of all our necessities … Continue reading

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Saint Francis of Assisi statue for mom

Dad surprised mom with a special gift for her birthday. For several years she’s been looking for a Saint Francis of Assisi statue but hasn’t found one she likes. Dad usually gets mom a fun book or music for her … Continue reading

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Sammi's shedding & itching – Trying a new food

Several weeks ago Sammi lost a big patch of fur on her shoulder. Her vet suspects she’s allergic to something and put her on medication to calm her system. Very little has changed in her world and we haven’t figured … Continue reading

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