Sammi breaks the rules. Naughty kitty!

SammiI was a very naughty girl last night and got in trouble with both Mom and Dad. We were all in bed with Raven on top of the blanket cuddled behind mom’s knees and me under the covers by mom’s elbow. It was very cozy until Raven twitched. I didn’t like that so I got out from under the covers and started stalking her. Mom sat up and tried to keep me away from Raven, but I went all the way to the end of the bed, over to Dad’s side, then went up to Raven and bit her on the back of the neck. Raven didn’t know what hit her. Well, she knew it was me, but she didn’t see it coming.

Mom and Dad were very upset with me. Mom grabbed me and tried to put me back on her side of the bed, but I would have none of it and leaped away from her. In the process, I put a long scratch on her arm. I was intent on getting Raven again so I tried to get back on the bed. But by now Dad had woken up and he grabbed me and put me on the floor. Dad said some naughty words during this process. Raven had run out of the room so mom went to check on her.

Raven wasn’t hurt, just scared. So Mom took Raven and snuggled with her in the guest bed. I got jealous and tried to get in bed with Mom, but she refused to make any room for me. I was being shunned for my naughtiness.  I managed to get on the bed, then jump up to a perch. I slept there for a while, then sometime in the early morning I found a space on the bed and slept next to Mom. Raven had already left, but Mom still refused to snuggle me. She said something about me being naughty and not getting any snuggles because of my bad behavior.

It’s dinner time the next day and things are pretty much back to normal. There’s no evidence that I was mean to Raven while Mom and Dad were at work. But Mom’s still not very happy with me because one of the few rules rule in our house is that kitties are not allowed to fight. We don’t have to love each other, but we can’t fight. I broke that rule and my punishment is that Mom isn’t doting on me. I think she wants me to understand that she’s top kitty and makes the rules and I have to follow them.

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