Intruder #1

Cat Neighbor #1This is becomming intolerable. While I am confined to the safety of my home, many of the neighbor cats freely use my yard as their playground. Mom thinks this cat lives two houses away on the corner of our street. I often see him walking along my fence, going through my front yard, and visiting the crawl space to the neighbor’s house. Right now, he’s sitting about 8 feet away from my bathroom window and I think he just came out from under the neighbor’s house.  He didn’t used to be able to see me from over there because we had a fence. But the fence blew down during a winter storm so now he can sit and stare at me. Hopefully mom & dad will have a new fence built soon and he won’t be able to peep into my bathroom window.

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Lover of Cats, Golden Retrievers, Vetmed, Bio/Eco-Conservation, Science.
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4 Responses to Intruder #1

  1. Pandafur says:

    Wat a shifty karakter an hez lookin in yer windows an snoopin in yer yard! I hissss at he an I grrrrrrowl to. I hopes you gets yer fence rill soon.

  2. Oh My Cat! Seriously? The NERVE! We has an Evil Intruder too – he lives behind us. He’ll come Right Up to our KITCHEN DOOR and attack us through the glass! Allie’s very brave & she growls and attacks back – as long as the door’s closed. Don’t these outside cats know those are OUR yards??? HMPF.

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