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Intruder #3

This is one of the many kitties who comes through my yard every day. This kitty looks similar to me with black fur and yellow eyes, but it has short hair and a thick tail. Mom is pretty sure it lives … Continue reading

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Tweets of the Week

Most literary Gandalf @Twaddlecat I am feeling all poetical all of a sudden, meow! mirror mirror on the wall, I can’t see nothing, I am not that tall. #felinepoetry #wlf Most intriguing Maverick @MavTheTiger O M C! We not kno … Continue reading

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Saturday PhotoHunt – Loud

Loud is relative. In our house it’s Tux the hamster running on his wheel. He’s a large hamster and even though the wheel itself is very smooth-spinning, he pounds on it so hard we can hear him on the other … Continue reading

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Tweets of the week

I got this idea from the Faraday, Maxwell and Allie, who recap their five favorite tweets. I thought I’d tweak that idea a little and share a few the tweets that grabbed my attention. saddest koko the turtle @kokotheturtle is it … Continue reading

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