Tux learning to use his ball

Mom is proud of little Tux for learning to use his ball so quickly. He’s used his ball only three times and he’s learned how to get around corners. I’m still offended that the little nibblet is allowed access to my house.  I was enjoying having the entire house to myself, then they bring this little rodent home. I had to get used to the way it smells, all the noise it makes at night while it’s running on its wheel, and now I have to let it roll around on my floor! I am not amused by this. Truth be told, the little critter in his protective ball freaks me out. I run away and climb up one of my perches to get away from the strangeness of it all.

It will be our little secret, but Rumblepurr gave me a great idea for calling him nibblet instead of Tux. Mom thinks it’s a cute nickname, but nibblet is cat code for a tasty morsel. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish the little critter any harm. But you can’t blame me for allowing my natural hunting instincts to take over and dreaming about him becomming a little nibblet.

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Lover of Cats, Golden Retrievers, Vetmed, Bio/Eco-Conservation, Science.
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