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Saturday PhotoHunt – Point

  Bentley’s nose pointed the way to something that smelled interesting. Smokey also pointed her nose to an interesting aroma. This weeks PhotoHunt starts here

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Tux learning to use his ball

Mom is proud of little Tux for learning to use his ball so quickly. He’s used his ball only three times and he’s learned how to get around corners. I’m still offended that the little nibblet is allowed access to my house.  I was enjoying having the … Continue reading

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Valentines Day is for love.

Felix and Smokey were my first cats. Felix (on the left) was 3 months older than Smokey and he watched over his “little” sister, even as she grew almost double his size.  They were very strongly bonded and spent every day of their … Continue reading

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Tux's first outing in his ball

Tonight was Tux’s first outing in his hamster ball. We think it was the first time he’s ever seen a ball and he was very apprehensive of it. But with a little coaxing and a sunflower seed treat, he got … Continue reading

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