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Sheriff Raven

I’m going show you some of the costumes I have. This was supposed to be a contest of “Who wore it best” between me and my sister Sammi. But Sammi was getting very sick when Mom & Dad got the … Continue reading

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Tweets of the Week

Coming from a family with engineers, this is funny. @MoggyAndMe  YouTube video An engineer’s guide to cats  In case you didn’t know @stitchkingdom retweeted by @pinkbunnyr Semi-aquatic, poisonous and illegal to own. It is illegal to export the platypus from … Continue reading

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Saturday PhotoHunt – Drop (or Don't Drop)

This is our Pom Pom Crab. We’re amazed at how big his pom poms are. The pom poms are actually anenomes that he keeps on his claws to help gather food. The crab and anenomes help each other: the the … Continue reading

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