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Knowing what’s normal for your pet can save their life

A few days ago I wrote about almost taking Raven to the vet to have a perfectly healthy tooth looked at. I later realized her tooth was fine and cancelled our appointment. But I’ve also been in the situation where … Continue reading

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Saturday PhotoHunt – texture (learning about a cat’s tongue)

Anyone who’s been licked by a cat knows their tongue can be very rough. A cat’s tongue is an amazing structure that serves many purposes. The center of the tongue is rough due to the backwards-facing spines called papillae. The spines are … Continue reading

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Hairball Awareness Day – April 27

April 27th is Hairball Awareness Day.  We’ve been preparing for this day for several weeks, because I can produce some mighty hairballs. Last August I was hacking up so many big hairballs that mom started keeping track on a calendar. … Continue reading

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Being an observant and proactive pet owner.

I read an interesting blog post the other day by Dr. Plotnick, a vet who specializes in feline veterinary medicine. His blog, “Cat Man Do” is a mix of veterinary information and other personal experiences. A recent post, It’s snot … Continue reading

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Raven’s Warning?

Around 7:30 this morning Raven was in our bedroom being very active and meowing. She jumped on top of our dresser, which is something she doesn’t do very often, and meowed and paced.  Raven can be talkative when she wants … Continue reading

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Saturday PhotoHunt – Reflect (and learn about cat’s eyes)

Light reflecting from Sammi’s and Raven’s eyes. What looks like a simple (or spooky) reflection is due to a special layer of tissue that cats and many other animals have behind the retina of their eyes. This special layer of … Continue reading

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Is a dog sibling in my future?

Last weekend, Mom & Dad went to a dog show. Bentley has been gone for almost three years and they’ve been thinking of getting another dog. I liked Bentley, so they think I would be happy to have a doggy sibling. I’ve … Continue reading

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