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Tux’s Outdoor Hamster Adventure

Tux had fun exploring his little play area today. He enjoyed wandering around and getting lots of exercise. He didn’t mind all the noise the neighbors were making while playing in the pool. We didn’t think you’d enjoy their squeals, … Continue reading

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A clean kitchen

Raven and I have a slightly different opinion about why I cleaned the kitchen. I wanted it to be clean for food preparation purposes. She thought the freshly cleaned counter was a nice spot to take a nap, especially with … Continue reading

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Raven finally gets to go in the backyard

Finally, I got to go outside! The last time mom tried taking me outside, the neighbor cat Foxy jumped over the fence and mom had to rush me inside. Foxy played with my dad and stole all my outside time. … Continue reading

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Saturday PhotoHunt – Scoop

I love when dad scoops me up and holds me. Sometimes I cuddle up in his arms, other times I flop over his arm like a limp noodle. This time something out the front window caught my eye so I must go investigate. … Continue reading

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Saturday PhotoHunt – Zap

Remember my photo from a couple weeks ago: Reflect. Some of you commented that our eyes looked like lasers. Well, I wish I really did have laser eyes so I could ZAP that pesky neighbor cat Foxy who always comes … Continue reading

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Eddie Bear “Supermoon”

When there’s a full moon I call it an “Eddie Bear Moon” because our cat Ed departed for Spirit World under a full moon. Ed’s official Indulged Furries name was Edward Lionheart. He joined our family when I found him sick and … Continue reading

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Bella a three-legged llama gets a prosthetic leg

Bella, a llama, was recently fitted with a prosthetic leg. She broke her hind leg stepping in a gopher hole, and after two years of trying to get it to heal, she reinjured it. Her owner and vet decided to … Continue reading

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