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Old Postcards of Cats

Here’s another set of old postcards I found. They’re from 1910. Kittens at play, what could be sweeter? I like how the kitty is holding the pencil.  These two look like they’d rather be playing with the yarn. She doesn’t … Continue reading

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Get well Northstar – horse cruelly burned

Update September 6, 2012 – Northstar is improving and has been taken to Ohio State University for specialized care of his burns. There’s a website for Northstar here where they’ve posted updates. Our blog is usually fun and lighthearted and occasionally … Continue reading

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Cat Postcards: Mainzer cats swimming fun

We went to a postcard show today and found lots of great postcards featuring cats. The first one we’ll share is by Alfred Mainzer who created a lot of pictures of cats in “human” situations. We thought this one was … Continue reading

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Anipal treasure hunt. Can you help us get this stamp?

 Mom likes postage stamps, especially stamps with cats. We saw this 2012 Feline Exhibition postage stamp from Monaco and we’d love to get one. We’re hoping our anipals can put their paws together and help us. Maybe this could be … Continue reading

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Old Postcards of Cats

We like finding old pictures of cats. Here are two old postcards mom found at a stamp show. We were drawn to this one because the big black kitty looks like me! It’s titled “Lost” and the poor little chick is … Continue reading

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I’m photogenic even when wet.

In the winter I get a bath inside. Even though I don’t like baths, I must admit mom is very good at giving them. The water is always warm and it’s like a water massage against my skin. I was … Continue reading

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Indulged Hamsters: amuse-busche

An amuse-busche (french for a bite-sized appetizer) isn’t just for humans dining in a fancy restaurant. In the Indulged Furry home, even the hamsters get the occasional  tasty bite, selected by the chef. Tonight, Tux and Snowy are getting small bits … Continue reading

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