Saturday PhotoHunt – Hairy

This is my cat Edward Lionheart. He was very hairy!

Eddie Bear catHe had so much hair his dad would plant toys on his side and Eddie wouldn’t even twitch.

Eddie Bear cat with toys

Even his toes were hairy.

Eddie Bear Cat hairy toesEdward Lionheart was his official name, but we called him Eddie Bear. He had a bit of an unfortunate life before coming to live with us, but he quickly became a big, healthy, hairy teddy bear. Every day when I came home from work I’d lay down on the floor to watch the news. Eddie Bear would run to the living room ahead of me, then climb aboard the momma, close his eyes, nuzzle into my hair, and drool. Even though I needed to rinse my hair afterwards, I couldn’t deny my Eddie Bear something that made him so happy.

Eddie Bear cat nuzzling mom's hair

This week’s Saturday PhotoHunt begins here.

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17 Responses to Saturday PhotoHunt – Hairy

  1. Sparkle says:

    Wow! That is a LOT of hair on Eddie – he even puts my roommate Boodie to shame.

  2. Carver says:

    What a beautiful cat and I’m glad he found a happy home with you.

  3. Sue St Clair says:

    He is lovely! Must be wonderful to snuggle up with 🙂

  4. We love the hairy toes! Teal’c has the hairy toes here. Toehawks rule!

  5. I love the photo of y’all snuggling!
    He is a giant hair ball 🙂

  6. Lovely post.

    I have the twin to your Eddie Bear. Her name is Pork chop because she likes her food. She was a rescue and is also a giant fur-ball and has the same markings as Eddie Bear but her hair color is black.

  7. I forgot to mention I have a cousin by the name of Eddie Barr.

  8. Wow! Eddie is really hairy…check out those toehawks!!

  9. Rumblepurr says:

    Such a handsome mancat!

  10. I love the snuggles picture and I love the new word toehawks. Great pictures for the theme.

    My hairy is at

  11. I can see why he is called Edward the lionheart…Thank you for stopping in and the coffee is always on.

  12. YTSL says:

    Thanks for the introduction to Eddie Bear. He sounds like he an unusually affectionate cat. He may have had a hard start to life but it does sound like he had a great time with you guys.

  13. Jerry says:

    That is a lot of fur. We’ve got a long-hair ginger and he is nothing like that. Thank goodness because the daily brushings have my hands covered in scratches. LOL

    Have a super weekend.

  14. Hootin' Anni says:

    Oh my gosh….first off, I JUST LOVE cats!!! And Eddie Bear is so purrrrecious!!!!

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