Celebrate Less Adoptable Pet Week Sept 17- 23

Last year for PetFinder’s “Adopt a less adoptable pet” campaign,  I shared how Sammi and Raven were not “less adoptable” to us.


Being a 10-ish-year old cat with only 3 legs, most people wouldn’t consider adopting Sammi. But that was our good fortune, and I think hers, too. We adopted her knowing she was older and she’d need some help making the house safe for her. And we adopted her knowing she may be more than 10 years old and we may not have her for a long time. Unfortunately, that part was true, and we had to say goodbye to Sammi last November after having her for only 3 years. But I believe they were some of the best years of her life, and they were certainly fun-filled years for us. Our beautiful, three-legged kitty was one of the most people-oriented cats we’ve ever had. She was spunky, fun, and silly.


As a black cat, the odds were against Raven being adopted. I don’t understand the black cat superstition, but again, it was good luck for us. I thank Raven every day for choosing us to be her new family. She brings a joy and energy to our home that is unique.

I hope sharing our experience of adopting “less adoptable” pets shows people that taking the time to look past something most people think is a negative may help you find the perfect companion. Take a look at the one-eyed, senior, one-legged, deaf, black, “different” animals at the local shelters and rescue groups. We did, and we were rewarded with two wonderful cats.

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2 Responses to Celebrate Less Adoptable Pet Week Sept 17- 23

  1. Sparkle says:

    I don’t consider either Sammi or Raven “less adoptable,” even if SOME humans have put that title on them – as you obviously know, you’ve had so many gifts having them be part of your life. Those who passed them by are the ones who lost out.

  2. Oui Oui says:

    You are so right! We adopted a 10 year old cat too, and he lived to 18. So you can never tell, you could have an old cat for a long time. Many of our cats have been “problematic” as adoptees, and they have been wonderful pets.

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