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Unhealthy animals in the news, and a proactive approach to helping low income pet owners

A little while ago I posted about a kitty who was starved, and this week I ran across a kitty who has been overfed to the point where he can barely walk. His name is Little Dude and his foster mom set up a Facebook page where people can follow his progress.  He’s currently in the hospital due to a fever but hopefully they’ll get that under control and get him back on the path to good health.

There’s always the chance that this kitty has a medical condition that contributed to his becoming obese. But I’d be willing to bet he was grossly overfed. It’s just so sad to see a pet in such poor condition. The video clip of him walking a little, then laying down panting is heartbreaking. But at least he’s in a new home and has a chance at becoming more healthy.

You can follow Little Dude and even suggest a new name for him. His foster mom thinks he should have a new name for his new adventure in life.

We hope this beautiful kitty does well and has a fantastic future ahead of him.

On a related animal health note, today our newspaper ran an article about community outreach by the local SPCA to assist and educate pet owners in a particularly problematic part of town about the services that are available to them. The ASPCA is funding a project where pet owners can get free spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchipping, dog training, and pet food. People in this part of town typically have limited income and often don’t have transportation to veterinary services. If the owner chooses to participate, a volunteer will come pick up their pet, take it for medical services, then return the pet home. The article says that similar outreach program in other cities have been very successfully, so we’re hoping this works in our neck of the woods.

5 thoughts on “Unhealthy animals in the news, and a proactive approach to helping low income pet owners”

  1. That poor kitty! I am following his Facebook page now and am sending him lots of purrs. A kitty that heavy is bound to have some physical challenges caused by obesity.

  2. Suwe hope dat hims gets better and soon, but hate dat most of these stories end wiff da animal bein’ taken fwum there poor hoomans and goin’ in to foster cawe to be adopted. It’s like weez tellin’ poor peeps, yous got no wight to hav a cat ifin yous can’t afford da ovew-ourriced vet cawe. Yous knows meez mommy be vewy poor and can’t aafford much. Hers purrays daily weez not hav any accidents or illnesses dat wuld wequire spensive vet cawe, cuz hers kuldn’t afford it. And hers been told mowe than once by Vet and Techs dat she shuldn’t hav a pet ifin she can’t afford da cawe. Well Yous know what? It’s not ’bout munny, least it shuldn’t be. There awe tons of peeps out there havin’ hooman babies dat can’t afford ’em and weez not takin’ them away. Stead, weez payin’ ’em and takin’ cawe of all da medical needs those kids hav. It’s just a shame dat peeps wesponse is to see a cat in a poor home dat has sum purrawlems and stead of helpin’ out weez take da animal and we-home it. Sowwy fur da long and fussy comment, but this be a pet peeve of ours and we can get on ow soap box weal quick.

    Luv ya’


  3. We feel so sorry for Lil Dude, and we pray he has nothing seriously wrong with him. He has a super sweet face, and we hope a diet and some exercise will get him back to a healthy kitty again. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  4. I am the first boycat the Human’s had who isn’t chubby–for some reason, I am not super-interested in food (except the Gerbers!) The last two big guys she had, well– she had to restrict their intake, so to speak and that made them kinda mad, MOL. We hope this kitty does well and can become more active again. XOXOXO

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