Squatty is in Spirit World


First of all, we want to thank all of you for your encouraging words, well-wishes, and purrs on yesterday’s post.

Today is a sad day for us because Squatty had to be euthanized. Mom & Dad came home from work and Squatty was on the porch like he usually is, waiting for dinner. That always makes mom happy but today he didn’t look very good and was getting closer to Mom & Dad and making unusual little meows. Mom doesn’t like to get too mushy about things like this, but it was kind-of like he was asking for help.

Mom’s been trying to get Squatty to go into a carrier by putting his food inside, so she thought she’d try again so that maybe by Monday he’d be comfortable enough to go in and she could take him to my vet. Mom put Squatty’s dinner inside the carrier and he went in to eat it! Mom was able to quietly walk up and close the door on him.  He wasn’t happy, but he settled down right away.

My vet is about 1 hour away in Friday traffic, so we wouldn’t make it there before they closed. Mom found a vet about 25 minutes away who is open late and they could see him tonight.

Mom was excited to be able to catch Squatty and get him to a vet, but the results of the exam weren’t good. He had a serious case of stomatitis and all his gums and even his throat were full of inflammatory lesions. That condition is very painful and it explains why his breath was awful (even from several feet away) and why he had been drooling off & on for several months. It’s probably also why he has been getting thinner and thinner – because it hurt so much to eat. The abscess on his face was serious and the vet wasn’t sure it would heal very well without a lot of care. After a long discussion about his current health issues, his months-long decline in health, and his quality of life, we all agreed that it was best for Squatty to be euthanized.

Squatty was already sedated, so he wasn’t awake, but mom petted his head while the vet administered the euthanasia drugs. It was very sad and bittersweet because that’s the first and only time mom was able to pet Squatty.  We know the last few hours of his life were stressful being trapped and taken to the vet, but once he was sedated we hope he felt calm and safe. There wasn’t much hope that we could get him healthy and keep him healthy for very long and we didn’t want him to suffer.

We had Squatty cremated and we’ll bury his ashes in the front yard where he liked to sleep in the hidden safety of our shrubs and bask in the sun.

We’ll miss you Squatty. You’ll always be our big, brave Squattacus who learned that our yard was a safe place to rest, a place to get yummy canned food, and a place where you were allowed to be the independent kitty that you were.

Squatty close-up.jpg


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23 Responses to Squatty is in Spirit World

  1. I am so deeply sorry (((hugs)))

  2. Summer says:

    I’m so sorry. I’m also so glad that Squatty had your humans looking after him, and even though he did not want to be touched, he did know he was loved and cared for… which is why he finally asked for help. They did the best thing for this poor guy, who must have been suffering for a long time before he finally allowed himself to be caught.

  3. mariodacat says:

    We are so very sorry for your loss. Stomatitis isn’t a nasty disease. I had it and was cured, but only after many months, three trips out of town to an animal dentist, and manny green papers. Not everyone is able to do that. You did the kindest, most loving thing you could do and he does not have to be in pain any longer.

    • Raven says:

      I wish he were a friendly cat and we could have treated him. You’re a very lucky boy to have parents who were able to get you all the care you needed and that you have the right personality for such an involved treatment plan.

  4. Squatty knew that you loved him, that’s why he came to you for help. The same thing happened to Sammy in my yard last May, and his resemblance to Squatty is amazing…reading your post was like reading my own, when I finally trapped him and the vet said he was too sick. The vet actually cried with me. I had hoped a dental cleaning was all that was needed to put Sammy on the mend, so didn’t prepare myself for the euthanasia. I am sorry for your lose, but I believe Squatty is still around, in spirit form, and he loves you for loving him!

    • Raven says:

      I remember reading about Sammy and being amazed at how similar he and Squatty looked. They could have been litter mates.

  5. Jan K says:

    Oh no, that is so sad, we are so sorry for your loss. It’s a wonderful thing your Mom did for Squatty, so that he doesn’t have to suffer anymore. And all that time of caring for him. Like Eastside Cats, I feel like he knows he was loved and that’s why he came to you. RIP Squatty.

  6. Brian says:

    Oh, that so made my whiskers weepy wet. Thank you so much for caring about dear Squatty and for giving him something to look forward to when he came for food and attention. Run free dear boy.

  7. Oh gosh. We’re so very sorry. Thank you for caring so much about Squatty…right until the end. Fly free, Squatty!

  8. pilch92 says:

    I am so sorry about Squatty. Take comfort in knowing you let him live his life his way and gave him lots of love.

  9. William says:

    We are so sorry that Squatty had to leave for the Bridge. Your love and kindness allowed him to feel safe enough to tell you it was time. He will bask in his final place in your hearts.

  10. Annie says:

    I’m so sorry. Raven, your mom and dad were so kind to Squatty and opened their hearts to him and that can mean pain a lot of the time like now. Bless them for their love to him and care for him.

  11. Poor Squatty! I am so sorry for your loss! But you did all that you could for him and loved him as much as he would let you. Stomatitis if untreated is horrible for us kitties. I know as I have it, but it is kept under control. RIP little guy xx

  12. Clooney says:

    Oh this just breaks our hearts. Thank you for caring for Squatty and providing him food, care and love when he had none. How special that you could comfort him and love him in his final moments. Sending you our gentlest purrs and keeping you in our thoughts.

    Be Well Sweet Squatty

  13. Grace says:

    *Leaky eyes* He passed warm and safe and with love…

  14. Oh no, we’re so sorry for your loss ! We send you tender purrs and gentle headbutts. Purrs

  15. I am very sorry for your loss. I think it was done in his best interests though. I had to put down a few animals through lots of tears so I know its never easy. 😦

  16. Lily says:

    You have my heart felt sympathy for your loss. It is such a good thing that Squatty had his last days there with you being feed and safe in your yard. And that you could release him when it was not possible for him to continue on and regain health. As hard as it is to say Good Bye now for you… it was a true blessing for him to have you to care for him in love.


  17. Marie Symeou says:

    We are so sorry for your loss.

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  18. Annabelle says:

    Squatty felt protected and safe in your yard, and he knew where to come to when he needed help. Sometimes the only way to help is to let them cross over the meadow into the field that leads them to the safety of the Rainbow Bridge. I know you were very sad to think that the only time you got to touch Squatty was when you had to release him but it was done with love and compassion. Knowing he will always stay in your garden is very fitting for such a beautiful boy. I am so very sorry for your loss.

  19. Kitty Cat Chronicles says:

    We are so very sorry for the loss of Squatty. Even though your mom didn’t get to pet him until the end, we know he must have felt loved. Your yard was a refuge from him, and he trusted your family. That says a lot. Thank you for all that you did for him. He was a lucky stray kitty. Sending lots of purrs and prayers your way.

  20. So sorry to read about your loss of Squatty. I do feel glad that he came to your Mom and got in the carrier when he was so ill so that she could send him safely to the Bridge. I truly believe he knew your house was where he was loved and cared for and that is why he came to your Mom when it was time. Sending a big {{hug}}.
    Marty’s Mom

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