Bettas – Violet is better. Red and Blue are happy fish.

It’s taken over 2 weeks, but Violet betta seems to have turned the corner and is doing better. He’s been on a special diet and his constipation seems to have cleared up. Bettas have a very short digestive tract and when they get constipated, it effects their swim bladder, which is the organ that helps them maintain proper buoyancy. Constipation is a common problem in Bettas, so we’ll have to watch Violet carefully and try to prevent him from getting clogged up again. For those of you who aren’t familiar with fish, you’d think his poop factory would be at the end of his body just before his tail fin. But Betta’s fins are deceptive and his poop factory is in front of his flowy bottom fin, about 1/2 inch behind his eye!

For the past 2 weeks, Violet was not a happy (or healthy) fish. He was listing 90-degrees sideways and couldn’t swim to the bottom of his tank. Now he’s more active, he’s staying vertical, and can swim up and down in the tank.  


Here are a couple video snippets of my fish being fish. They can be entertaining, especially when they fluff up their fins like Red does at the end of the first video. Violet is on the right, and first in the video. Violet is less active than the other fish, but hopefully he’ll get his strength and body condition back quickly and be a big bruiser like Red and Blue.

23 thoughts on “Bettas – Violet is better. Red and Blue are happy fish.”

  1. That is a great set up! Do they have to be kept apart like that? My human uncle used to keep tropical fish, but I wasn’t around then!! I think they might not have lasted long!!

    1. @ Austin Towers, you **MUST** keep any males apart. They will fight to the death. Bettas are very territorial. Some females will be okay being kept with other females, but not always.

      – Betta fish owner since 2005

    2. As Ragdoll Mommy said, the males must be kept separately because they are aggressive and will fight. Bettas are also called Siamese Fighting Fish. Even having them side-by-side like this can be stressful, and if they “flare” at each other too much we’ll have to put opaque dividers between the tanks so they can’t see each other.

  2. We used to breed Bettas. Actually, Bill bred many fish, and had a lot of awards from showing them. Who knew there were fish shows? I was used to cat & dog shows. His top breeders wer Swordtails. He bred huge swordtails with long swords. They were deep gold & black. I was very partial to the Bettas, especially the black ones and the white ones. They were fragile, though. Yours look very pretty!

  3. I am glad your Betta is doing better. I did not know that about their poop factory and constipation. Thank you for the kind words about Stinky you left on my blog. XO

  4. Those are so pretty! We’re glad Violet is doing better. My mom says hats off to your humans–she has trouble enough trying to decipher our ills!

  5. We don’t know anything at all about fish and to be honest we’d never thought about fish getting ill but we hope your fish gets better.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx (cats so watch out in case we want to watch fish TV!)

  6. Dat’s pawsum Raven. Weez so glad Violet is feelin’ better. You know bein’ stopped up can put a damper on anypawdy/anipals parade. Weez still luvvin’ yous set up. soooooo cool. Have a pawsum day.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  7. Beautiful. Glad he is better. I own 2 betta fish — Lightning a blue and black crowntail and Electric a blue veiltail. Sweet boys. Cool tanks. Where’d you get them? and what maker?

    1. The tanks are acrylic “Tetra LED aquarium kit 1.5 gallon” We got them at PetCo on sale for only $20, which is a great deal. They’re nice because they come with the light and have a gentle pump. The light isn’t very bright (we have an extra light bar on top of these tanks). And you can’t put the light on a timer because you’d be turning the pump off too. But for $20, they are great little betta tanks.

      The Dad is an aquarium buff so he’s going to replace them with glass Fluval Spec 2.5 gallon tanks where the light and pump are independent and the light can be put on a timer. He’ll modify the pump to decrease the flow. Unfortunately, one Fluval tank costs as much as these three combined 😦

      Maybe we’ll keep all three tanks running and that means I get three more fish.

      Maybe you can post photos of your fishies on your blog?

  8. Oh, that was so cool the way Red fluffed up his fins! We had Betta fish many years ago but I don’t remember much about them. Their colors are so beautiful. We’re so glad to hear that Violet is doing better.

  9. Glad to hear the your fish are feeling more frisky. We had a largish tank with clown loaches, bela sharks, and suckermouthed catfish for many years ,and I always found them to be quite relaxing. I bet Raven enjoys them, too!

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