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Plot Boiler – Book Review

Here’s book review #2 for today.


Plot Boiler is the 5th book in Ali Brandon’s A Black Cat Bookshop Mystery series. Darla is coordinating a neighborhood Fourth of July block party where, you guessed it, someone turns up dead. I was surprised that it took 125  pages before the dead body made it’s appearance since the book is just shy of 300 pages long. This didn’t make the book any less enjoyable, it was just something that caught my attention. The first part of the book sets up various characters and lines of suspicion, and the story progresses quickly after Livvy is found dead (no spoiler there as it’s on the back cover). All the characters in this series are interesting and it’s enjoyable to follow their lives. We also get to see more of Roma, a little Italian Greyhound who belongs to one of Darla’s young employees. Roma isn’t Hamlet’s favorite bookstore visitor, but I hope they become better friends as time goes on. Hamlet is an engaging kitty character. He’s a typical cat with “catitude”, but he’s also intelligent, observant, spunky, and enjoys walking around the neighborhood on a harness.

Four paws up for Plot Boiler. Hopefully it won’t be too long before the next book in this series is available.

10 thoughts on “Plot Boiler – Book Review”

  1. My human has an idea for a murder mystery book (written through the cat’s point of view). It’s not a cozy, though… it’s actually closer to a noir type of story. Keep us posted on your medical reports, Raven!

  2. Oh, the human would be interested in this series!! She’s going to check them out!!

    Raven, I hope the vet can find out what’s making you chew your furs!! My visiting neighbour buddy Tigger has two bald patches where he chews the furs, but as he is not belonging to us, mum can’t jump in and take him to the vet!! His peeps are not particularly friendly!! xxx

  3. I love this series! It’s one of the few that mom lets me spend green papers on. Most of what I read is what’s available for Kindle Unlimited.

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