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Pouncing on Murder – Book Review

Mom took today off because I need to go to the vet later this afternoon. While I enjoy sun puddles and naps in the closet, she’s going to post two more book reviews while she kills time before tormenting me with the carrier, a long car ride, and a visit to the vet. Actually, my vet is really nice and very gentle, but I’d rather not visit him.  We’ll give you an update later this weekend about my health. It’s nothing critical, but mom has some concerns about the underlying cause of my continued determination to remove my lower-body furs and wants to talk to the vet about it.


Pouncing on Murder  is the 4th book in Laurie Cass’ A Bookmobile Cat Mystery series, where Minnie and her cat Eddie are on the road again in the library book mobile. Of course there’s a murder that needs to be solved, and Minnie and Eddie are sure to play a part in catching the killer.

After reading Arsenic and Old Books by Miranda James, which does’t have a lot of “chatter” about the characters’ personal lives, I realized that the author of the Bookmobile Cat Mystery series provides much more back story about the main characters and the inhabitants of the little town where Minnie & Eddie live. I tend to read those parts fairly quickly, but others may really enjoy that aspect of these books. In Pouncing on Murder, there are some significant changes in Minnie’s personal life, and hints at more changes to come.

I want to give this book 4 paws up, but there’s a critical element at the end of the mystery that didn’t make sense to me. So, I have to hold back just a bit and give 3 paws up & a little questioning mrreow.


5 thoughts on “Pouncing on Murder – Book Review”

  1. Hi! I read this series but haven’t yet read this latest installment. On Goodreads there are several reviews that say things close to what you’re saying about this particular one. By the way, if you’re on Goodreads, my name is Victoria Noble. We seem to have the same taste in books, cozy mysteries with cats.

    Hope all is well with Raven and you get answers about her tummy fur.

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