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National Adoption Day (for humans)

National Adoption Day is intended to bring attention to children in foster care who need permanent homes, but we thought we’d share some cats in our area of Northern California who need to find forever homes.

Sandy is a 4-year old boy who was rescued from a feral colony. But he’s not feral, he’s a love bug. He’s best pals with Sasha, a 2 year-old guy who needed major ear surgery to clear up an infection.


Pepper is a 9 year-old male who would love to be your house panther. And Snowflake is a 7-year old laid back gal who enjoys a good brushing.


We chose to sponsor the adoption fee for these kitties because they are adults or because they may be overlooked because of their color or missing parts. Both of our recent adoptions were “less adoptable”.  Sammi was 10 years old with only 3 legs, and Raven was a 4 year-old black kitty, but both of them have been wonderful additions to our family.

These kitties, like so many others, need homes. If you can’t adopt any more (like us….Raven enjoys being an only since Sammi passed away), maybe you can help your local shelter with some volunteer time, a bag of food, some toys, or by volunteering some other talent you have that could help them in their mission to help homeless animals.

And if you’re inclined to help humans, I know the local childrens’ charities are grateful for any support or volunteer talents you can offer. We participate in our local Children’s Home holiday gift drive that helps ensure local foster children have a fun Christmas and don’t feel forgotten.

p.s. I know I promised to share photos of Raven’s fur growing back, but I’m stalling so she has time to grow some more furs to show off!

16 thoughts on “National Adoption Day (for humans)”

  1. That’s so nice of you to sponsor the adoption fees for those cats. I wish we could get a cat, but unfortunately there are too many reasons why we can’t – the main ones being my allergies and Rita’s annoying hatred of cats!

    And thank you for the reminder – I need to buy some presents for our local gift drive! Going to add that to my to-do list before I forget!

  2. Oh Me Cats they are all soooooooo gawjus. Wish we could take them all. Fank you fur bein’ such pawsum peeps and helpin’ these kitties out. We’re sharin’ and purrayin’ they get their furevers real soon. Big hugs to you all.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  3. Bless you for sponsoring the adoption fees. I hope those precious babies are adopted real soon. M has adopted 2 senior kitties out of the 4 they have had – both were wonderful kitties and lived for another 10 years with good care. We always feel so bad for the seniors, yet they are sometimes the most loving.

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