A surprise vet visit with lots of interesting info

Mom came home early from work on Monday and …. took me to the vet!

Part of my allergy issue is that the last two nipples towards my tail bother me and I lick them until they’re really irritated. I don’t do it all the time, but Sunday overnight I went at them and they were both in sad shape on Monday morning when Mom gave me a cuddly snuggle and peeked at my tummy. Drat! She saw my self-destruction.

This little setback prompted Mom to take me in for a vet visit. She thought best case, it’s just my allergies. Worse case, something is wrong with the mammary tissue and it could be something serious.

Every post should have a little photo, but I’m not going to share a photo of my nipples, so you get to see this gorgeous art work that was in the vet’s office. I couldn’t make out the artist’s name but it’s something like Shermermer.

Art in the vet's office

I’ll be ok

The vet reassured Mom that this was allergy related and my mammary tissue was a-okay. Whew! They couldn’t figure out why my nipples sometimes bother me. One time it happened a few days after mom gave me a treat that had fish oil in it. Oops! But I haven’t had anything but my Pride canned food since then, and my nipples have bothered me 3 other times. They thought maybe I could have licked a dinner plate when Mom & Dad weren’t looking. Or maybe the carpet or something got on my skin and I overreacted to it. Mystery itchies, but nothing serious and some over the counter cortisone cream should help.

My vet was happy

The vet was very pleased with the progress I’ve made on my new foods. Mom took in the food labels and he looked at their ingredients. The lamb flavor has lamb & beef. The rabbit flavor has rabbit & pork. He thought feeding only one flavor may be better, but since I’ve done this well on two flavors, we should continue for 2 more months and let him know how I’m doing. He kept the food labels and put them in my chart.

After all the visits and medications I’ve had, he was hopeful that we may have found the solution. He was encouraged that my furs were growing back and that the old furs on my back felt softer and my skin wasn’t flaky. He was also glad to hear that I was more playful. He said I must be feeling a lot better and mom agreed.

Do you ever go to your vet and you can tell they’re having a stressful day? Well, today I could tell he was having a pretty good day and my progress was making it even better. Everyone was happy.   But wait.

I’m not skinny?

Mom expressed concern that I had lost over 1 pound on my new foods, but the vet said that was good and I could lose another pound. Excuse me?! I’m wasting away at only 11 pounds! Ok, not really. I am a lot faster running down the hall than I used to be. I’ll be back to my 10-pound healthy weight soon and no one will be able to catch me!

Mom learned something new

Mom switches my food flavors about every 5 days (6-7 cans worth). She thought that would prevent me from getting an upset tummy. The vet said it was better to swap flavors every day or two so that my intestinal bacteria stay balanced. Digestive systems can be sensitive and waiting too long between flavors may mean my gut is always a little upset and that could prevent me from being as healthy possible.

A light bulb goes off

After we got home and mom was feeding me (I know, I don’t need to eat more, but it was a reward for being so good at the vet’s), she realized that Sunday night she had given me a lot more FortiFlora than usual. She thought it would help me eat more and stop loosing weight. Oops, the vet said eating less is a good thing! Mom suspects maybe the FortiFlora with it’s “animal digest” has some fish or chicken in it that I’m reacting to. She left a message for the vet to let him know that maybe she identified the itchiness trigger and she won’t give me FortiFlora for the next 2 months.

Update: FortiFlora is not recommended for animals who have food allergies!

Is my vet crazy?!

I know this post is long, but there’s one more important thing I have to share. After mom commented to the vet that my furs might never fully grow back, he said they probably will, it will just take time. Then he suggested something no kitty should ever hear. He said cold temperatures would stimulate my furs to grow more quickly. What the heck?! I’m an indoor kitty and during winter I enjoy sitting on the hot air vent. The heater air is so toasty warm that I have to get off the heater and cool down. Who needs fur when you have heated air?

Thanks for reading such a long post. Mom said since I was so rudely taken to the vet, maybe she will get me that bed I’ve been looking at and I can save my dimes for something more fun.

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19 Responses to A surprise vet visit with lots of interesting info

  1. Raven, we’re sorry you had a bit of a setback, but it sounds like your mom and vet are staying on top of it. We hope your furs all grow back. We didn’t know that about cold weather and fur growth.

  2. Raven, it sounds like your mom and your vet make a very good team! Very interesting information that we’re sure will continue to help you. And great news on that bed!!

  3. Brian says:

    I agree, you are in the road to being furry again so if that means a Vet check then it is worth it!

  4. Raven, it’s so obvious that your human loves you so, even if that means packing you off to the vet’s office. We know how hard it is to pinpoint a food allergy. And that bed idea is looking pretty good!

  5. kapitola says:

    so glad to hear all is well! Interesting what vet said about fur growing back even indoors!

  6. Summer says:

    Wow, your human and her vet really pay attention to detail – and they need to, to help your allergies. I’m so glad the news is mostly good, except for the weight remark. And the comment about cold temperatures.

  7. Deziz World says:

    Well now Raven, this is all pawsum mews. As fur those nipples, mommy posted fotos of Raenas. When she went fur her spay, they cut off da tops of two of them. Ouch!!! They’re all better now, but still…dat’s a sensitive area fur a girly kitty fur sure. We’re glad all is well. Sendin’ purrayers and hugs fur all.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  8. We’re glad to hear such encouraging news ! You mom and your vet seems to work very well together ! Purrs

  9. Sounds like ya got some encouraging news!

  10. pilch92 says:

    Poor Raven, that stinks that you had to go to the vet and he had the nerve to say you could lose some weight. I wonder if people probiotics have no extra additives, your Mom could ask the vet.

    • Raven says:

      Raven was taking the FortiFlora to help treat a bout of diarrhea when we tried a new food. She doesn’t really need it anymore. I just posted an update about FortiFlora not being recommended for animals with food allergies. I’m sure it’s that “animal digest” mystery ingredient.

  11. Jan K says:

    We were feeling sad that you had a setback, but relieved that it’s nothing new or scary and allergy related. Even better that your Mom hopefully got to the bottom of it!
    We like it when our vet is having a good day too, except he talks an awful lot when he is! LOL
    We learned something new about switching foods now too, so thanks for sharing that – good to know!

  12. kittiesblue says:

    Raven, darling, we read this with such interest, and you may have helped Mom on the track to figuring out what is up with Giulietta and her licking off her furs. We are so sorry you are going through all this. We’ll be watching here to see how things go. Thank you for your kind comment on our post today. Wishing you a blessed holiday. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo p.s. The art work from your vet’s office tis really stunning.

  13. Sounds like you got a good vet there.

    We’re glad you’re getting better 🙂

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  14. Oh, I’m glad to hear the vet was happy and that your mom figured out what was the likely cause of the itchy nipples. (Probably a good idea not to post a pic of that… you never know who you might get visiting your blog after a misunderstanding in a google search…) 🙂 As for the cold air – that is no fun. That is like when they tell us peoples that we are not supposed to take super hot showers in the winter! Boo.

  15. Cathy Keisha says:

    Whoa! Lots of info. I hope your nipples grow back I mean stop inching you. TW changes my proteins daily. She says rotation is good. Glad you are feeling playful again.

  16. Gattina says:

    I heard from my vet that sometimes this can happen if the food is too rich ! Hope it will all heal !

  17. Clooney says:

    We are so glad that your new diet has been helping you and that now you may have figured out the trigger for this last bout of itchies.

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