Restocking the scratcher supply

Mom hasn’t ordered a backup big scratcher lounger yet but she did restock my supply of Smartykat Cat Chaise scratchers. These are the ones I actually scratch on. She takes two scratchers and glues the edges together to make a double-wide. One scratcher would be adequate on it’s own, especially for a kitten or small cat. I’m a medium-sized kitty and I prefer a double-wide because there are more options for how I sit, lie, and use it for scratching. It can be used right-side-up like a cradle, or upside-down as  a platform with a little tunnel underneath. It’s lots of fun when mom wiggles the feather wand toy under the tunnel and I can get my paw under there to attack it.

These scratchers are fairly durable and have a lot of scratching area if you use both sides. Each scratcher comes with a little packet of catnip.

Hey, check out my tail. You can see that I’ve grown more fur. It’s still a long way from being floofy, but it has some thickness to it and Mom says I don’t have ‘possum tail anymore!

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21 Responses to Restocking the scratcher supply

  1. Deziz World says:

    Aaaaaaaw Raven, we think you look gawjus just da way you are. We know your tail furs will grow back in time. Those are sure some nice scratchers. And OMC We’ve not seen dat many scratchers outside a pet store or walmart. You sure are a blest kitty girl. Big hugs and enjoy your scratchers.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

    • Raven says:

      I know I’m a very fortunate kitty. Mom likes to buy in bulk and stock up on things we like because too many times the things we really like are discontinued and we can’t get them anymore. All these scratchers will last me about 2 years.

  2. Summer says:

    That is awesome that your human takes the time to glue two scratchers together for you – I bet it wouldn’t even occur to my human! I’m glad your tail is coming back!!

    • Raven says:

      My mom is pretty ingenious and handy. I scratch the ends of the scratchers, so to make them last longer, once the ends are scratched up, mom takes a big putty knife and pries apart the glued joint, turns the scratchers around, and glues them together again. Now the scratched up parts are in the middle and the ends are new for scratching. Hopefully that makes sense….a video would be nice….hmmm…..maybe a future post.

  3. Holy smokes! Is Raven a disaster prepper?

  4. Raven, glad your tail furrs are growing back, and now you have a good stock of scratchers too! Lucky girlcat!

  5. Wow, Raven! You sure are going to be busy scratching. I love cardboard scratchers, too. ~Wally

  6. Brian says:

    That is a nice scratcher stock and I think my Dad needs to get out the glue and glue a few. Hooray for that fur growing Raven!

    • Raven says:

      You all look like pretty good sized kitties so I’m sure you’d appreciate the extra comfort and stability of a double-wide scratcher.

  7. McGuffy Ann says:

    Raven, you look so beautiful. I am happy you are feeling better and having fun! 🐱❤

  8. BZ Dogs says:

    Your tail is lovely, and your Mom is very clever to know how to grow your scratcher 🙂

  9. Glueing the scratchers together, what a smart idea ! We’re glad you’re feeling better, Raven, and we’re glad your tail fur is growing back. Purrs

  10. Gattinag says:

    The scratcher carpet looks very inviting says Arthur, but still he prefers the poor trees outside !

  11. 15andmeowing says:

    You are a lucky girl.

  12. kittiesblue says:

    Wow, Raven, you must go through the scratchers pretty fast. Does your mom get a good deal when she buys them in bulk. Our mom would have never thought to glue two together. Now that sure makes a better lounger. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  13. Your mom is very clever, Raven. Thoughtful, too! We have to wait until there’s hardly any scratcher left before we get new ones.

    Your tailio’s looking pretty good there!

    • Raven says:

      I use these pretty thoroughly before they get tossed. But my scratchers sit in the middle of the living room floor, so the humans don’t like them looking too ragged. If they were tucked away in a corner or a spare bedroom, they’d probably hang around a bit longer.

  14. You have the best cat mom in the world!! Very sweet of her to do–i hope they were having a sale on those scratchers!!

  15. Jan K says:

    Your tail is looking good, Raven!

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