New fishy friends

A couple weeks ago Black Betta died and I planned to move Orange Betta into the slightly larger tank and maintain only five tanks instead of six.

That plan changed a couple days later when Black Betta summoned his friend Violet to the Rainbow Brook. I’ve been on “senior fish watch” thinking White Betta was going any day now. But he’s still doing his fishy thing, and it was Violet who took a nose dive into the gravel.

On to plan B. Getting two more fish was easier than maintaining fewer tanks. With only 4 tanks, we didn’t have enough space to redistribute two tanks worth of aquatic plants, so we would have had to keep a tank running just for plants. At that point, it’s not much more effort to keep all 6 tanks going.

Orange Betta is doing well in his current tank and the swimming area in the tanks is almost the same, so he’s not missing out on an “upgrade” by staying put.

Here are our two new fish.

Red-White-&-Blue Betta.

And this one is called a Koi Betta because it’s markings are blotchy like a koi.

Orange, Blue, and Koi in the 1.5 gallon tanks.

Red-White-&-Blue, White (barely visible in the top left corner of the middle tank), and Green (who looks blue here) in the 2.5 gallon tanks.

Hopefully you aren’t bored by my non-furry, fishy posts. I run out of cat topics to talk about and the fish and garden are my two other blog-worthy interests. Hubby has a coral tank with an amusing cleaner shrimp. If you’re not bored by fish topics, I think you’d get a kick out of watching him get fed (the shrimp, not my husband).

The Red-White-&-Blue Betta needs a shorter name.  Which do you like more:

  • Sam – short of “Uncle Sam”since he’s patriotic colors
  • Powder – because he’s powder blue
  • or suggest something else in the comments.

17 thoughts on “New fishy friends”

  1. All critters are worth blogging about! Methinks you could bring a cat or two into the house, just to amuse us…ROFLOL!
    Too bad Red-White-and-Blue isn’t a girl, ’cause Glory (for Old Glory) came to mind. How ’bout George (Washington) or Thomas (Jefferson) or Benny (Franklin)?

  2. For many years, my human kept a pair of aquatic frogs, and looking back, she doesn’t think she shared enough of them on Sparkle’s blog. They’re gone now (the last one died not long after they moved to this house we’re living in now), so that’s a moot point.

    1. Thanks. The pet stores sell lots of little bowls & tanks for Bettas but most are much too small. They’re like little prison cells. These tanks aren’t huge, but they give the fish a chance to swim around and have some live plants. Bettas aren’t speedy swimmers with those showy fins, but a 1-2 gallon tank is as small as we like to use.

  3. I like Sam for a name! I didn’t know there was a red, white, and blue beta, I love that! It looks like you have a full house. I enjoy reading about them very much.

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