Cat antics



A few days ago I was a very naughty girl. I was in the living room with mom and she saw the neighbor out walking their dog. They haven’t said hello in a while so she decided to go out front to chat. When she opened the front door, she was surprised by Jackie the neighbor cat sitting on the door mat. Mom bent down to keep her from getting in the house and in the blink of an eye she saw a kitty run across the porch towards the right of the house. Jackie gave chase.

She thought the streaking kitty belonged 2 houses up and just happened to be walking across our front walkway and was startled by the neighbor’s dog and the door opening. But something tickled her brain to wonder where I was. She closed the door and hollered to Dad to look for me, then went out front to double check that I hadn’t gotten out. She didn’t see any kitties, so she came back in to see if Dad had seen me.

Nope. And he was a bit confused about what was going on.

She went out front again, and there I was sitting on the big boulder in our front yard.

Mom gathered me up and brought me back in the house. She was utterly shocked that I ran out of the house. And not only that, Mom didn’t feel me brush past her at the door. Mom still can’t believe I was that fast and stealthy, not to mention brazen enough to dart out the front door.

She didn’t know I’ve been practicing my ninja house panther skills!

I didn’t get in trouble for my dangerous stunt, but Mom put my collar back on me. As luck would have it, after nearly 9 years of constant wear, Mom took my collar off last week because I was scratching at my neck. Mom says kitties who try to escape absolutely must wear a collar & ID tag.

In the end, all is well and both Mom and Dad are going to be more aware of where I am and cautious about making sure I don’t sneak out again.

17 thoughts on “Busted!”

  1. Sam used to be that good too (she’d lie in wait for one of the dogs to be slow about going out), however, there was no “gathering her up” once she got out. She wouldn’t come back in until she was good and ready. So at least you were good about that, Raven!
    Luckily Sam has outgrown that behavior!

  2. It’s something about being black. I did the same thing the other day but I ran out into the garage…and the mom didn’t even know it until I ran under one of the cars. That didn’t make her happy at all. ~Ernie

  3. Wow, that was pretty tricky, Raven! Binga pulled that the other day when some Department of Water and Power humans came to our door… she just ran down the stairs by the front door, like it was a regular thing for her! My human actually had one of the DWP humans grab her, because she knows that Binga would probably try to run away from her, thinking she was being funny.

  4. Whew! Glad your Mom was smart enough to look for you! We always have to wear our collars too since we occasionally like to sneak out. Mom didn’t used to worry as much since the yard is fenced but Ralphie has started climbing the fence which is VERY naughty!

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