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Just looking

Mom & Dad visited the local animal shelter today to look at this kitty.


He was described as being approximately 16 years old and “gentle, affectionate, loving”. He needs medication for high blood pressure and has limited vision. He was being housed in a multi-cat room, so he’s proven to get along with other cats.

Lucky for me, they decided he wasn’t a good match for our family. Ambivalent is the best way they could describe him. After 5 minutes of petting him in his bed – to which he showed no interest other than some mild tail twitching, he stood up to stretch and Mom gently put him on her lap. He didn’t settle in and didn’t seem particularly interested in being with a person. They stayed with him for about 15 minutes while he got up for a snack, visited the litter box, and wandered around the room before going back to his bed. He never showed any interest in Mom or Dad.

Maybe he was  having a lackadaisical afternoon, or maybe he didn’t take a liking to Mom & Dad the way Sammi and I did when we were choosing them as our new family. In any case, they decided he wasn’t a good fit for us. We hope he meets his match soon and can settle in to a permanent home.

This boy isn’t at risk of being euthanized (at least for now). He’s one of the luckiest cats at the shelter because he’s housed in the “catfe”, a large area dedicated to promoting the adoption of adult cats. This area houses up to 5 adult cats, and potential adopters can hang out enjoy a free cup of coffee. Here’s a photo of the room. Behind the camera, there’s an adjoining area with a big window & window seat and the litter boxes.  Catfe.jpg

It’s unfortunate that there are so many animals who need homes, but I’m glad our community has several large shelters that do their best to provide care for many animals who are waiting to be adopted.

19 thoughts on “Just looking”

  1. Oh my! Raven! I am wondering if this older male had sight and sound issues! My Mom took A 4 year old cat super super shy. Mom took her because her previous person, a man, went into assisted living! It took 5 yes FIVE months of living under my bed. She lost her human! Imagine losing your human at age 15, yes FIFTEEN. I think this male cat was afraid to even HOPE of a new home! If my human died or went into Long Term Care, as a cat, I would be so lost! Looking around, has he/she come back? To rescue me and take me back home? Mom is currently acclimating a 6 year old female into our home and so much hitty, spitty, nasty looks of cats thinking”oh Mom! how could you!

    1. He was listed as being a stray so I don’t know if someone surrendered him and wouldn’t admit is was their cat, or if someone found a stray cat that appeared to need help and brought him to the shelter.

    1. I’m hoping he more engaging towards someone else. We got no sense of personality or whether he would engage with any people or another cat. If he’s nearing 80 and Raven is approaching 70, it might be too much to expect them to adjust to each other. If we didn’t have Raven, we’d be more inclined to adopt him and let him have a peaceful life here, whatever his personality (or lack thereof) 🙂

  2. Chemistry is so important – I think your humans would have felt it, even if he was just having a bad day. I’m crossing my paws that the family he’s meant for comes for him soon.

    1. It was as close to petting a stuffed animal as it could be. He didn’t lean in, turn away, breathe deeply….nothing. Maybe it was just a bad time of day for him and he’s usually more animated.

  3. The idea to create a “living room” for elderly cats is great ! If you can observe them like in a tea room it’s ideal, I wished we had that here too. I should suggest it at least !

  4. I’m not so sure about this chemistry thing if I’m honest. I thought it was important when I was at the shelter, but some cats are so shy, they need a lot of time to trust humans – 15 minutes is not enough.

    However, I love that your humans were considering him even though he was old and sick.

  5. We agree that you have to make sure it’s the right fit, especially when you have a cat in the house already. It sounds like the old guy is in as nice a place as possible to be while he waits for his right home.
    Last time we adopted a cat from the shelter, we held every cat in the place, about 15 of them, trying to find the right one. Ultimately we did, and we knew when it was right.

  6. Hope everything works out for this old guy. If they go back in two weeks, he might greet them like long-lost family.

  7. There is a catfe lounge near the office, that I’ve visited several times! Love to play with the kitties, hoping that they get adopted! I would have gone there to look for potential adoptees for Eastside Cats, but I stumbled over Manny and Chili Bruce by accident, and decided the cat gods had made their choice known!

  8. I think it must be hard to get a sense of a kitty with one visit in a shelter. Then again, you and Sammi had a connection with your mom and dad on the first visit. It would be very hard to adopt a kitty if there’s no connection. I totally understand. I do hope he connects with someone. I know if I met Annie in a shelter, she would be so terrified that it would be impossible to know her personality. I imagine it’s very difficult for some kitties to get adopted. It was very nice of your mom and dad to go and meet him.

  9. We applaud your trying. As we all know, older cats get overlooked so often. But there’s either a match or there isn’t–we have to think his is out there somewhere. And we have to say too that the shelter looks like a very nice place to be in the meantime!

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