In the garden and some wee kitten cuteness

We had a beautiful day this weekend and I was able to spend almost an hour in my backyard. I spent a lot of time resting on my log next to the pretty fuchsia plant.

Raven on log in garden

Mom & Dad had fun when they went out for lunch. They got to see (and Mom held) some of these little nuggets.

two kittens snuggling

two kittens sleeping

Soft little bundles of kitten cuteness. They were only 6 weeks old so they were not available for adoption and I don’t have to worry about sharing my house with anyone.

12 thoughts on “In the garden and some wee kitten cuteness”

  1. We think that was very close, Raven! We are constantly on guard against our mom getting carried away by a new cat (or cats!)–in fact, she has had her eye on a girl at the shelter who looks like you but has a squishy ear like Elliott has. It would be like looking in the mirror for them!

    In the meantime, we will just enjoy your beauty!

  2. Hi Raven! Wow you love your protection! I need something like that but our bushes aren’t so big yet! I love the little kittens too aren’t they just precious!!!

    PS If you want me to try the filter on black fur message me and I will be happy to give it a try for you.

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