Too close for comfort!

Shortly after getting home from work, Mom looked our our front window and saw this!

smoke rising from house fireShe called the emergency number (911) and they already had reports of a house fire. She put me in the bedroom so she’d know where I was, then hopped on her bicycle to go around the corner to see what was happening. The neighbors were gathered around making sure everyone was safe, so she immediately came home. Hearing one of the neighbors say the natural gas line could explode put a little extra oomph in her peddling!

The fire department helicopter was already circling overhead, and she could hear sirens of the emergency response crews. From our house, she kept an eye on the smoke and direction of the wind. Fires travel fast, and it’s hot, dry, and many homes in our neighborhood (including ours) have wood shake roof that can easily catch fire. As the crow flies, the fire is only about 500 feet from us (three houses between us).

Dad is out on his bicycle ride so it’s just us at home. Her only thought was keeping me safe. Mom had already decided that she would just grab me, get in the car, and drive a few blocks away. Literally, grab and go – no carrier, no purse, no nothing!

We’re hoping everyone and all the pets are safe.

Mom here – When I saw that the smoke was lessening, I had time to think about our emergency plan. We are very prepared to weather a storm or power outage, but I don’t have a “grab bag” of emergency supplies. Sounds like I have some work to do, and maybe some ideas to share in a future post.

I already know something I’d do differently. Instead of putting Raven in the bedroom where she could get under the bed, I should have put her in the bathroom where it would be easier to grab her.

Update: The local news says two houses were involved and no reports of injuries. It’s been a little over an hour so we went to the corner to take a look. They closed the road and there are at least 25 big fire trucks up & down the entire street. The fire department must be concerned about something to have so many trucks here (engines, hook & ladder…. the entire fleet). I’ve never seen so many fire trucks in one place. 

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14 Responses to Too close for comfort!

  1. anniedabear says:

    I think you did quite well, and now you’ve learned how to do even better next time. Hopefully, though, there’s no next time. I sure hope everything is okay and no animals or humans are hurt.

  2. How sad for the people who houses those were. We hope everyone is okay.

  3. 15andmeowing says:

    Glad everyone is safe. I know your Mom would always keep you safe.

  4. Scary! Hope everyone is ok!

  5. Summer says:

    How scary! Fire season always makes us nervous because we are in a fire zone. There was one going on in Benedict Canyon, about 15 miles from us today.

  6. Oh my, that’s so scary and we do have emergency plans but not necessarily for a fire, we gotta fix that.

  7. Grace says:

    Wow – that is flip-floppin’ scary. Glad no one was injured – and yes, an escape plan. We don’t have one and I do think about it often. We live in an apartment building and just being able to keep carriers handy is a dilemma.

  8. How scary. We are in extreme drought (with some areas in extraordinary drought) and have five active fires (plus two close to the NM/CO border), so we are always on alert. We wouldn’t want to have to put any plan of evacuation into play, though! Glad to hear everybody is safe and the fire was very limited.

  9. Glad that you didn’t have to implement your Raven-emergency sequence, but you bring up some really good points about having to rush and GO! Has me thinking now. So scary, and I hope it rains for y’all soon!

  10. You always have to think what would you do if you only had three minutes to get out of the house?

  11. Jan K says:

    That is so scary!! We are so glad everyone is OK, and it didn’t end up affecting you.

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