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Gifts for our new kitty neighbor.

cat perch and toys

We left some gifts on the porch for our new kitty neighbor. This is a strange situation but let me explain.

The 18-year old who just moved in next door asked us if we wanted her cat. We declined because Raven will not appreciate a kitty housemate.

You’re probably thinking, “Your new neighbor asked if you wanted their cat?” Yes, and No. This family lived next door when we moved here. When she was young, the girl used to come over and play with our dog, so she know we love pets. They moved across town, some life stuff happened, and now they’ve moved back. The girl and a college girlfriend are living there until her Mom can join them – maybe – part time.

She’s trying to do the right thing by keeping the indoor/outdoor kitty inside and safe. But kitty is afraid of the exuberant young retriever dog (the favored pet) and the gal thinks it will be best to find kitty a new home. I sigh, but my husband thinks she’s overwhelmed and trying to be a responsible almost-adult without quite enough support.

So, we’re doing what we can to offer support and encouragement. We visited kitty, who is stressed at having been in a new home for less than 24 hours. She’s safe in a large master bedroom/bathroom with her food & water, litter, a kitty bed tucked in a corner, and a few toys. Kitty is very friendly and ventured out to visit us. The room doesn’t have any furniture so we helped move an existing perch into the bedroom so kitty can get off the floor.

We went to the pet store and got another perch, a cardboard scratcher, and a wand toy. We suggested the gal hang out in the bedroom a few times a day to play with kitty, and maybe get a radio to play some music.

It’s been only a few hours, and she’s already sent me some photos of kitty in the new perch. She looks like she’s enjoying it and it’s much better than cowering in a corner.

kitty on perchkitty on perch

Whether everyone adjusts to their new home or kitty finds a new family, hopefully everything will turn out ok. We’ll continue to be available to lend an ear and offer support. And the window in the photo looks across to one of our windows, so we may be able to see kitty if she’s sitting in her perch. It will be interesting to see how Raven reacts if she sees kitty in the neighbor’s window.  I’m guessing there will be a very loud kitty meeeyyooooowlll.

14 thoughts on “Gifts for our new kitty neighbor.”

  1. I’m so glad you helped out the kitty. A lot of times people just don’t have any idea what a cat needs to be happy and un-stressed.

  2. It is very generous of you to buy her such nice things! That cat tree is really great. She looks so happy. I do hope it works out for her that she’ll stay in her home and be safe and have lots of love.

  3. How absolutely wonderful you are to send the kitty some gifts to make her more comfortable. I hope things work out and kitty will get used to the new/old place and the woofie.

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