A Day of Good News

I had the 3-month recheck of my thyroid hormone levels and I’m happy to report that my hyperthroidism has been cured! The radioiodine treatment I had in March was stressful, but it worked. Now I just need a regular annual recheck to make sure my thyroid stays healthy.

I got nervous today when Mom put on her shoes and walked towards me. Since I’ve taken too many trips to the vets this year, I feared I was headed there again and ran under the bed. Mom felt awful because she only  wanted to say bye to me before she ran some errands. When she returned, I greeted her at the door with lots of love and meows.

To reward my bravery and forgiveness, she took me outside. I wandered a bit, saw some birds, and then lounged in the shade. Here I am relaxing in one of my favorite spots.
Raven lounging outside

I had fun getting topsy-turvy and rolling around a bit. Raven lounging outside

In other good news, the cat next door has gone to live at the Mom’s house. She’ll be much happier there without a dog sibling. That worked out well.

17 thoughts on “A Day of Good News”

  1. We bet this was one fun day, Raven, with great news and some outdoor fun! And we’re glad about the neighbor cat, too. We’re happy she wasn’t surrendered to a shelter because of a dog.

  2. Raven, this is such wonderful news about your health! You look so happy enjoying your time in your yard. That is also great news about the neighbor kitty!

  3. We are happy to hear your great news!
    Getting outside to enjoy yourself looks like it was fun.
    How pawsome that the kitty next door now has a pawsome home!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  4. Raven, we are very happy to hear this news! What a lovely reward, too, to get to enjoy some fresh air!
    happy purrs
    Winston and Emily
    from Stillness at Cherith

  5. That is great news, Raven. So glad to hear. I like greeting mom and dad at the door, too. Unless, of course, I’m busy napping on or under their bed. Happy weekend to you.

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