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New bird in my yard

It’s been very quiet around here, but this morning we had a little excitement with a new bird visiting our yard.

This is a Northern Flicker. It’s a type of woodpecker that likes to probe the ground for ants. It was visiting our garden beds and lawn looking for breakfast. We don’t spray our yard with bug killer, so there’s probably lots of yummy bugs out there! Hopefully we’ll see more of this bird. It’s  very colorful with red patches on the head and lots of spots on its body.

Norther Flicker

Northern Flicker closer

12 thoughts on “New bird in my yard”

  1. Raven, you are so lucky! We’ve never seen one of those, but a long time ago our old bro William and old sis Caroline saw one in the yard at the house. Our mom was thrilled to see him too.

  2. Great photos! I love these birds! We often see them flying off the edges of fields, they show a splash of white on their hind end when flying away.
    We are also so glad to hear you don’t spray your yard with bug killers. ♥

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