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Dog Postage Stamp from Mongolia

Mom & Dad went to a stamp show today. They found a lot of interesting cat-themed postage stamps from various countries, and we’ll share some of those later.

But they also found this dog-themed stamp from Mongolia. At first Mom noticed the odd expression on the dog’s face, especially how it’s mouth is kind-of smiling. Then she noticed how long the dog’s neck is. Maybe there is a Mongolian dog breed that has a long neck, or maybe the artist thought the neck should be long like the camels in the background.  Looking at the composition of the entire image, maybe they should have swapped the location of the camels and tents so it doesn’t look like the dog is pooping camels!

Mongolia postage stamp dog

Here’s a bigger picture of just the dog.

Mongolia 2052 (dog)-zoom.JPGThey thought the stamp was interesting enough to purchase and add to Mom’s collection. We hope you got a grin out of seeing this stamp.

9 thoughts on “Dog Postage Stamp from Mongolia”

  1. Strange dog drawing indeed! I looked up dogs in Mongolia and found there is an ancient herding breed called the Bankhar. They do carry the tails in a curled and upward position. They resemble the dog on the stamp although the neck doesn’t look nearly that long to me. It does make a nice stamp!

    1. Interesting. I bet the image on the stamp is a (stylized) depiction of the Bankhar dog. There’s even a project to revive the use of the livestock guardian dog known as the ‘Bankhar dog’ One of the things I enjoy about having a hobby like stamp collecting is that you learn a lot of interesting things. Who would have thought that by going to a stamp show to look for cat-themed stamps, I’d learn about the traditional Mongolian Bankhar herding dog!

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