Today is brought to you by the letter “T”

This may not come as a surprise since we are all animals lovers and take in the homeless whenever we can.

This is my new hamster brother Thunder. You read that correctly, a Third hamster joined the family!

Thunder is Sprinkle’s brother – her actual brother from the same mother. We thought it would be fun to have her brother join the family, and I really wanted to name a hamster Thunder!

Thunder hamster

Thunder looks very much like his sister Sprinkles. Both have Tufts of long hair on their Tushies. When Thunder is a little older his Testicles will be prominent and their furs might change a bit.

Cloud could smell his new brother and insisted on Treking over to Thunder’s cage. The fence and brick didn’t do much to prevent him from making a bee-line to his new brother.

Thunder and Cloud Tapped noses through the cage bars. They were both calm and greeted each other without any Teeth or Tension.
Thunder and Cloud

Thunder is living in a Temporary cage until his big cage arrives. The cages will have about 1 foot of space between them, they’re just squished together for the photo.

Three hamster cages

There’s no more room on the hearth for another cage, so Three hamsters is the limit for our Indulged Furry Family.

About Indulgedfurries

Lover of Cats, Golden Retrievers, Vetmed, Bio/Eco-Conservation, Science.
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8 Responses to Today is brought to you by the letter “T”

  1. Catwoods says:

    The hamsters are really cute! I’ve never had any but I’ve looked at them in pet stores and wondered what they would be like as pets. They look so sweet and gentle!

  2. Summer says:

    What a little cutie!

  3. Brian Frum says:

    Welcome home Thunder, you’ll have such a fun life now!

  4. caren says:

    this made me so happy because I just love hamsters!!!

  5. Wow, now you have 3 toys! (Just kidding)

  6. 15andmeowing says:

    Awww..Thunder is a cutie. Raven, you have lots of entertainment. πŸ™‚ XO

  7. Thunder is as much of a cutie as his sister! We loved Cloud’s meet-and-greet video.

  8. Jan K says:

    Congratulations on another new family member! It looks like you have the perfect size village there. πŸ™‚

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