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Nature Friday – Nutty Squirrel

Hey, what is this squirrel doing in my catnip plant?  The plant is barely surviving in winter and doesn’t need a pesky squirrel poking around in it.

Squirrel in catnip plant

We rarely feed the squirrels because we don’t want them stealing food from the bird feeders, or stealing the entire feeder!  But Mom was feeling generous and tossed out a walnut for him. He enjoyed eating his snack in my tree.

Squirrel with walnut

We’re joining the Nature Friday blog hop hosted by the LLB Gang. We like nature! We’re also joining the Feline Friday blog hop hosted by Comedy Plus. Catnip counts as feline-related, doesn’t it?!

15 thoughts on “Nature Friday – Nutty Squirrel”

    1. We have squirrels (like this one) who will work to unhook the bird feeders from the tree, unscrew the lids, and steal all the food. They are very smart, determined, and can be destructive. So, we generally do not encourage them to be in our yard.

  1. They are most fun to watch aren’t they. Nutty makes them all the more fun.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. ♥

  2. Maybe if your Mom gives him the nuts, he’ll stay out of your plants and bird feeders? Yeah, probably not! Last year was weird here, there were hardly any squirrels around. They seem to be making their way back though, there were 3 under the bird feeder the other day!

  3. We bet he was hiding something in your nip plant for later, Raven. When we had the house, some squirrel hid a ton of peanuts under some broken block pieces in our yard, and Mom had no idea where the peanuts came from! For some reason, we’ve never seen a squirrel around here. (Probably because they don’t want to pay the HOA dues.)

  4. How nice of your mom to feed him. Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog for the loss of Prancie. XO

  5. My human never puts anything out for the critters (although she has debated setting out some worms for the lizards). But we still get crazy squirrels around here like mad!

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