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Raven enjoys her Kittles treats.

You might want to turn your volume down. Mom is very close to the camera so she sounds loud when she talks. But if you turn up your volume for the first video, you can hear me chirp, crunch, and make some purry noises.

Oh my gosh, I’m so excited. I get to have Kittles treats. They were my favorite before I started having digestive issues.

Please, may I have some more?

Mom says “Just two more”.

Raven was excited to eat her Kittles chicken flavor treats. We stopped giving them to her where she started having GI issues, but I recently bought a pouch for her. I decided at 15 years old, she’s gotta live a little.

We’re joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday blog hop. Hop along and share your thankful.

p.s. Raven’s system was upset the day after eating the treats. It may have been a coincidence, and we’re thankful it lasted only 1 day. We’ll have to reconsider letting her have any more.  But it was fun to see her so excited to get her old favorite crunchy treat.

15 thoughts on “Raven enjoys her Kittles treats.”

  1. Sometimes with older or ill furry ones it is just nice to give them something they love, even if they are not supposed to have that item. We do it as people too. Sweet kitty.

  2. We’re glad Raven have a big problem after her treats. Maybe just one or two next time. Bravo for you and Dad for letting her try them again.

  3. Oh, didn’t she enjoy those though! Maybe you can try again at some point. Kittles were one of Samantha’s favorite treats too! ♥

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