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Raven enjoys a new food

We’ve had a bit of positivity with Raven this past week. We found another food that she enjoys and doesn’t upset her system. It’s Rawz rabbit pâté. It has a well-blended consistency that she prefers.

She’s eaten rabbit-based food for a long time. Usually she eats Instinct Original Grain-Free Pâté Real Rabbit Recipe or sometimes I crack open a can of Ritzy’s Rabbit and smush the heck out of the chunks so she will eat it.

Her vet recommended we add probiotics to her diet, so while we were at the pet store getting that, we found the Raws rabbit pâté. It’s a high-quality food with no other animals proteins, and I like that it doesn’t have the montmorillonite clay that’s in the Instinct food.

The Rawz food seems to have perked up her appetite.

Nom, nom, nom.

Raven eating Raws rabbit food

I lucked into a photo with her tongue out! That’s not her name tag, it’s her tongue. Raven eating Rawz rabbit food
Unfortunately, Rawz rabbit food is nearly impossible to find and we don’t have any more. The pet store rep said something about “shortages” but didn’t know exactly why. I found a case at on online retailer in San Francisco and ordered it this morning. They said it ships within 24 hours, so I should have it in a few days.

When we have the next generation of kitties, I plan to feed them a food that isn’t a pain in the paw to find! Fancy Feast, here we come!

Purrs to everyone. I hope you have a great week and maybe get out a little more (safely of course).

p.s. I purchase everything and don’t have any ads or affiliations or do sponsored reviews. 

17 thoughts on “Raven enjoys a new food”

  1. We are purraying that Raven’s new food works out well and becomes easier to get for her !

  2. Paws crossed the food comes quickly! Both Boodie and I get probiotics and it has worked great for us. We rarely throw up anymore… and with Boodie being 19 and having way too much fur, that is kind of a miracle!

  3. That’s nice that you found the right food for Raven ! I have no diffiulties with Rosie she is the only cat I know who only eats Hill’s fragile stomach dry food ! Not even a piece of chicken or meat nothing !

  4. Raven, you just gave new meaning to “rabbit food!” Anyway, glad you’re finding food you like. We’re a Chewy Wellness family here and love it. My fave is chicken and herring–bon pawpetit! – Tom x

  5. I don’t think I ever tried rabbit with Sam, I wonder if she would have liked it? She was such a fussy girl, especially as she got older. So glad you were able to find some more of this food for Raven!

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