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A Cat Named – Raven

We’re following Stunning Keisha with the A Cat Named meme.

My name is: Raven
My age when adopted: 4-ish
My nicknames are: Mom calls me “Bunny”. Dad calls me lots of silly names that aren’t even real words. 
My breed is: Domestic longhair
My main color is: Black
My age is: 15+
My favorite human food is: Butter. Lay’s Wavy potato chips (the red bag) are a close second. 
My biggest fear is: What could be worse than the god-awful vacuum!?
My favorite thing(s) to do: Cuddles with Dad, playing with sparkle balls or feather wand, or just lounging. Laying on my back in mom’s lap getting my chin scratched and pawpits brushed is also very enjoyable.  
Where do I sleep? Anywhere I want other than near Dad’s head. 
Do I like car rides? They’re ok.   
Do I purr? Of course.  I’m generous with my happy & contented purrs. But I will also purr when I’m not feeling well. If I’m purring and agitated, Mom knows I need my pain medication. 
Do I snore? Sometimes, and it’s surprisingly loud for an 8-pound kitty.
A photo: Me and my Dad.Raven and Dad

There’s nothing unexpected for a cat other the purring to get a fix of narcotics! Maybe that will be the topic for my next post.

18 thoughts on “A Cat Named – Raven”

    1. During quarantine, Mom & Dad started eating cream cheese on bagels for breakfast. It is confusing that cream cheese is packaged in a cube and wrapped up like butter. It’s not butter and I am disappointed.

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