Father’s Day Gift for my Dad

Sunday June 21 was Father’s Day. Like many of you, I have the best Dad a kitty could ever hope for. He enjoys beer, so I thought a beer stein would be a nice gift. I chose this one because it has a kitty on it!

beer stein beer stein beer stein

The saying on the stein is: Whoever drinks a lot of beer sleeps well, whoever sleeps well does not sin, and whoever does not sin comes to heaven.

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Lover of Cats, Golden Retrievers, Vetmed, Bio/Eco-Conservation, Science.
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19 Responses to Father’s Day Gift for my Dad

  1. The J-Cats says:

    What a lovely gift for your Dad!

  2. Brian says:

    That’s very cool, especially with the kitty on it! Ya done good Raven!

  3. 15andmeowing says:

    You are a sweet girl. Happy Belated Father’s Day to your wonderful Dad!

  4. Catwoods says:

    Wow, what a perfect gift! How marvelous to find a beer stein with a kitty on it!

  5. catladymac says:

    Very special gift Raven ! We be your Dad loves it !

  6. Summer says:

    That’s a very cool mug!

  7. The Swiss Cats says:

    Lovely mug, and cool quote ! Purrs

  8. Cleo says:

    What an awesome gift and even more awesome quote. My dad got his beer for Dad’s Day, too. Makes him happy.

  9. That’s a great gift for your daddy!

  10. I have quite a few steins but this saying is not on any of them. It is a nice one!

  11. Raven, you are a clever girl! We bet your dad loved it.

  12. msphoebecat says:

    Raven I should have you do my shopping for me when it comes to picking out stuff for my Dad, he’s so hard to shop for. This was a useful and perfect gift for your Dad to enjoy a pint all whilst seeing the cat and remembering his #1 Daddy’s girl.
    Pearl is now demanding I get a wine glass with a cat on it to enjoy my vino and think of her! I’m down, I can always use another excuse to enjoy a glass. Lol

  13. that’s pawesome that it has a kitty on it! Bet your Dad loves it!

  14. Jan K says:

    What a perfect gift, Raven!!

  15. frtomfishworthy says:

    A great stein and we love the saying on it, too! – Tom x (the housekeeper is trying to learn German, but hasn’t bothered to teach me a thing!)

  16. That is a beautiful stein! The kitty makes it extra special.

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